Guardian of Paradise

By Lira_Silverwing on May 6th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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8 4
2 0
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"When demons and their evil kin threaten the peace of heaven so too shall they be judged by the guardians of paradise"
A heavenly holy/divine look.

I got the inspiration from the backpack + shield combo, they'd make such a nice holy look i just had to make a faceless angel out of it using the funerary helmet as main focus!

Location: Shiny Nightmarish Candy [CANE]'s guild hall in Windswept haven
Character: Aurora Sanguinar (handkite getup)

____Items Used:____
Funerary helmet
Luminous heavy pauldrons
Luminous Heavy Cuirass
Luminous heavy Gauntlets
Luminous Heavy Cuisses
Mist Shard Greaves
Watchword Wings backpack
Shield of the Godess
Dreamwalker Scythe

Lemon ice/Glint's isolation (for the golden bits)
celestial (for the cloth )

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Fashion Guru
That mask is really creepy and I bet if I were trying to get into paradise I might feel a bit intimidated. I also like the pants as I've been wanting to do something with them for some time. I don't like them on a male character but on a female, I find it pretty rock'n.

Worth the gold.
2020-05-06 10:44

Fashion Collector
thank you :)
2020-05-06 10:50 in reply to Dace

Love this combo well done!
2020-05-07 6:52

Fashion Collector
thank you :)
2020-05-07 8:39 in reply to Mexis-Maximus

I absolutely LOVE the design, kinda sad that there are so few pictures of the look, but the ones submitted are really well done.

The helmet choice made it complete.
2020-05-14 8:05

Fashion Collector
thank you ! i'll get to adding more pictures one of these days
2020-05-14 12:30 in reply to Sambuca

Fashion Guru
2020-05-31 4:03

Fashion Collector
&thanksies :D
2020-06-01 20:17 in reply to shopaholic

Beautiful look, armor combo, weapons and colours
2020-07-13 6:58

Fashion Collector
thank you! glad you like it!
2020-07-13 11:05 in reply to Roadredfashiowar