Ira The Sage

By ronaldmuller on July 28th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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Sylvari female elementalist


baba yaga
Fashion Collector
Sunstroke, heat exhaustion or heat stroke?
I can only agree with Frans (
2019-07-28 13:45

Fashion Guru
Most of your outfits use the same basic color scheme. I would recommend using a variety of different colors to make them stand out. All the browns makes them look drab and boring. Which is kinda sad as some of them would look pretty awesome with a different set of colors.
2019-07-29 6:00

You were eager to post your characters, but you didn't finish anything. I watched 5 presentations (if you can call the 1-2 screens per character that) and I can guess what the rest of your characters look like. Same color scheme (red, gold, brown), same armour (mostly only sets, no mix) etc.
2019-08-02 6:47

Mista Fashionista
it's just an armor set with boring color scheme. not many good screenshots either. no description.
2019-08-12 6:30