Siddry Su - The Priory Professor

By Aldon Vinetwig on June 16th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Siddry balanced the candle on one knee as he flipped through the papers sitting in his lap.

The dorm room of the Priory was quiet save for the violent snoring coming from Droxar Ironmind in the bunk below where Siddry sat. Siddry was used to the Charr’s problematic snoring however, and so was completely unaware of it as he scoured the report that has arrived from the Crystal Desert.

It spoke of a great library. No, it spoke of The Library. The Library of Kormir. A library that held the sum of all knowledge! It was real and people had been there!

He kept re-reading the report, unable to contain his excitement and making sure he hadn’t missed anything important.

He was starting to feel slightly ill, and he knew it was his nerves building. He had no option. He was going to travel to see this library for himself and it would be dangerous.
Siddry was not helpless. Yet he was no hero. He disliked putting himself into situations that he might not live through. He got no thrill from it.

**2 months later**

Siddry patted the Springer’s cheek. “You got this, my friend,” he said reassuringly and the creature bleated uncertainly.

Siddry walked around the side of the nervous beast and climbed into the leather saddle.

The Springer has been nervous ever since they passed through the Ogre camp to the West. The ogres had been incredibly curious about the Springer and asked a few too many questions after Siddry had refused to trade it with them for a pack of “trained hyena”.

The moon had risen over the Crystal Desert and they needed to get to higher ground to camp for the night. It wasn’t safe on the ground. It really wasn’t safe anywhere in the desert, Siddry had to be honest. He longed to be back at the Priory sleeping in a crowded dorm but he knew he would not turn back until he had seen the library for himself.

Still, the Tomb of Primeval Kings was a few days away, and Siddry needed to keep his wits about him if he was ever going to get a chance to glean some of the knowledge that lay within the vast library.

A buzzing sound came from behind them and Siddry spun in his saddle to see scarabs rising out of the sand no more than ten feet away.

“Time to fly,” Siddry gave the Springer a nudge, and the Springer needed no further encouragement. It launched into the air and they all but soared to the top of Lifeblood Falls.

**2 nights later**

Siddry stood on a spiral staircase in the heart of the library and watched as a flock of books flew past him at a leisurely pace.

“Gods…” he breathed as he watched the books in awe.

He continued his climb up the staircase until he finally came to a landing. He stared around at the walls, each of them a bookshelf jammed full with books and scrolls.
He was truly in Heaven.

The screams of a pair of Fleshreavers drew him out of the wonderful moment. He spun to face them. They moved towards him quickly, bobbing up and down in the air as their wings flapped. They reminded him of harpies. Only worse.

The reports had mentioned demons having infiltrated the library. He’d come prepared for this. He unsheathed his sword and pulled the shield off his back. Fleshreavers were dangerous, but he would cut them down. He leapt forward to meet them with a roar.


Siddry is my original Priory character. He's spent so many years of his creation being left idle at the Priory, and I always felt okay with that because I imagined he was happy there (and I didn't enjoy engineer that much).

He is a member of the Golden Guard - but he's rarely with them. In fact, as of yet he has never accompanied them on a mission. Some of them barely see him as a member, but he is on their roster, mostly Ollerio's doing but Siddry didn't object. Much.

His look is brown and polished - I wanted him to look sophisticated but not too ornate. He's got rich browns and golds that I associated with good wood that can be found in a place like a library - making up fine desks and shelving. I wanted a slightly armoured look too - as he's fights in melee with a sword and shield, so the head piece and shoulder pads are more metallic.


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