Hythly Stoddar - The Pirate Cannibal

By Aldon Vinetwig on June 3rd, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Grey
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**Disclaimer, this ones a little darker**

He stirred on the edge of consciousness and became aware that he was floating on water.

No. Not on water. Under water! His eyes opened blearily, peering out into the murky green water.

He became aware of the breathing apparatus in his mouth, attached to his chin and jaw to hold it in place. He tried to turn his head but it was difficult.

Then he saw movement. Out in the water. His heart began to race. Forms, barely silhouettes, moved back and forth and Hythly suddenly had a strong desire to be out of the water.

He looked up.

Nothing. Nothing but a solid wall of what looked like some kind of metal. Strange. He went to reach a hand up to push on it, but his hand was held back. He stared down at his arm and seeing why, he screamed into the aqua-breather.

Syringes were jabbed into his hand and arm at intervals, leading all the way up to his shoulders. The needles were attached to small tubes that laced back behind him out of his vision. His other arm, and legs were similarly affected.

The movement ahead of him caught his attention again. Had they heard his screams? There were two forms that approached now, yes, they had seen him it was clear, they now moved directly towards him with intent.

“Ah, it appears Subject T3-60 is awake!” the muffled voice of a high pitched Asura spoke.

“Hello in there,” the second, gruffer voiced Asura said and tapped on glass.

He was inside a tank.

“Vitals?” The female asked.

“Heart rate rising quickly. Very quickly!”

Hythly realized where he must be. An inquest lab. He was one of their sick experiments.

“Well, don’t just stand there Glabb, administer the serum!”


Hythly began to struggle inside his prison. He wasn’t about to let them administer him with another of their concoctions. Syringes ripped from his flesh and he pushed with his feet against the bottom of the tank and launched himself at the glass wall.

He’d expected to rebound of it. The glass tank should have held him. The power of his blow under water should have been considerably less impactful. But he shattered the glass in one hit.

The two Asura screamed and cowered as water gushed around them and Hythly slid out onto the cold floor of the Inquest complex.

Hythly was vaguely aware of being naked, but he didn’t care. He rose to his feet and towered over the two Asura who stared up at him.

“He’s everything we had ever hoped for!” Glabb said with a twinkle in his eye.
Hythly took a step towards them.

“Sorry Glabb,” the female Asura said absently as she plunged a small dagger into Glabb’s side. “I can’t die today! I have important research that needs me!”

“Unbelievable!” Glabb exclaimed as he collapsed to the ground.

Hythly watched as the murderous Asura ran for her life. He caught her in less than ten strides.

“No!” she screamed as he lifted her up by her leg. He had no weapons, but he didn’t feel like he needed any. He bit into her ear with his dull teeth and tore away flesh. She screamed.

He felt a moments revulsion at what he had done, and spat out the chunk of her ear.
Immediately, he regretted it. He wanted to consume it. He looked about for where he’d cast the chunk of Asuran meat but he couldn’t see it.

“It worked! Subject T3-60 craves flesh!” the Asura’s voice quivered with both terror and excitement.

“I’ll write up the report!” Glabb said as he died.

Hythly growled and bit into the Asura’s meaty ear again. This time he chewed, savoured, and swallowed.

Then he went back for more.


And so begins Hythly’s new life as a flesh craving loonie. Yikes, so Hythly’s story has taken a dark turn. Hythly was created the day before GW2 launched. I’ve had him forever but he’s only got 196 play time hours. Which is NOTHING. I think its because he was always a bit dull for me.

So, I went and gave him a makeover and story to explain it!

His weapons are Revenge, the axe because it’s a cleaver covered in blood. Perfect. The Cure, which is the poor name choice for the syringe dagger he wield because he uses it to incapacitate his prey. Lastly, the shortbow is the improvised shortbow because it’s a saw which is kinda horrific in this context…. Actually, a lot of the improvised weapons would be in this context XD


Fashion Guru
I give you my gold on credit because I'm really excited about your screens and story. My criticism is about your armor mix. On the one hand I don't own that many skins myself and like the simple, on the other hand I get playable parts and try to integrate them to give my look a little pep. So a little more creativity in this direction, then your presentations would be perfect ;)
2019-06-03 7:47

Aldon Vinetwig
Fashion Collector
Hi! Thanks for your thoughts! I actually own a lot of skins XD Probably about 60% of all medium stuff so I think there is opportunity for me to experiment more as you say :-)
2019-06-03 8:14 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
I really like the armors combo, really like both the top and the shoulders and I'm really happy to see them used in the same set.
I think there could be something done differently with the colors, maybe the grey (darkness?) is too light ? I don't know, just this little something.
But overall that's a well deserved gold! :D
2019-06-04 19:21

Fashion Guru
What eyes/eye color did you use? I know I'm mad late, but I'm curious regardless.
2022-03-19 13:01

Aldon Vinetwig
Fashion Collector
The headpiece is providing the blood around the mouth and the change to the natural eye to make it look vampiric. :)
2022-03-27 1:58 in reply to Saulot

2022-10-18 18:44