Battlemage set (modified)

By Nadir on January 11th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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My main's battle outfit. A mix and match of light armor, including the Houndskin Mantle, Koda chestpiece, Inquest breaches and WvW boots. Meant to give an armoured feel to the character, while keeping a certain freedom of movement. I don't show the helmet here, because I change it so often, but I most often go for a dark-red adventurer's scarf to protect him from sand and snow, though this version uses the Flame Legion mask as as a battle helmet. This is, in my opinion, a solid set for a sword-and-tome mage, along with a scroll backpack (specifically, the Simple Scribe Backpack) to give a more "arcane adventurer" look. Weapons can vary, I usually go for a fractal sword to go with the arcane theme, and justify the armoured chestpiece and gauntlets, and the padded mantle that would provide decent upper body protection.

Morarkhan was a young idealist who pursued an age-old dream: finding a way to reclaim Ascalon from the Charr. A dream many of his ancestors had died pursuing. In his quest for arcane power, he slowly lost his principles, his drive, until he realized he had become a greater evil than that which he fought. With but his eyes for proof of the corruption he had endured, the young mage pledged his services to the Pact, serving in Orr, where he honed his skill, and used his first battle set, which he heavily modified over the years, reflecting both a hybrid sword-and-spell fighting style, and a colour scheme reminiscent of abominations yet to forgive.

I have written several stories about Morarkhan, if you fancy a read you can find them all here:

EDIT: I changed the dyes back to a black sheen, using the shoulder piece and gauntlets, with a murky grey dye, and the natural colours of the Inquest breeches to add dabs of colour. However, it is a very poor colour palette which I think I'll keep, as it does go with the character pretty well.


Love it ;)
2018-01-11 17:55

Concept is simple but with some potential. Sadly, the chosen palette is too poor, different tones for making it richer visually would be a lot more appreciated. The pictures are too few, but the background helps to understand the concept a bit better.

It needs more work for getting a more positive reception.
2018-01-12 6:48

Thanks for the feedback :) I want to keep a darker tone, but I've added some touches of blood and shadow red to create a richer colour pallet, not yet sure how visible it is. Added a few pics too, will start thinking on specific scenes or settings that could add to the character lore.
2018-01-12 7:09