Just a Condiwar :o

By Becii on March 3rd, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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1 7
6 0
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Here is my condiwar, back then I created her (next to my other Human warrior) for solo/duo runs. So she was long not used until I come to the idea of making her my condi war 3 weeks ago.

I know many ppl will think its mainstream, but I do not care what ppl think. I like her look its not to boring and not to much. I loved the chaosgloves already in GW1 and its not my foult they brought it trought the gemshop. The Aetherbladepants are my fav since they came to the game, I never used brahams coat and it looks nice without any "real" sholders. Once u build Nightfury u gonna use it no matter what! Also they look nice ofc :3 Idk why but I liked glases since ever, also my monk had some, those just fitted the best imo. Oh and the shoes, ye I love all the wvw boots tbh and since my other war already had the Aetherbladepants/Phalanxshoe mix I went for them :> I picked those colors coz I wanted to fit Bolt :o
The Storm Bow and the torch is just best I had to fit the armor and sword ^^'

Edit: added some underwater screenshots coz I rly liked the idea from https://gw2style.com/look.php?id=13107 :> Also tell me which pose u like more from the last 3 I simply couldnt decide wich one I like most :D


There are sadly barely even two armour pieces that fit together stylewise, more like "shinies" stacked upon each other :/
The effort in screens is appreciated, but I do feel that this is the standard boring meta look I encounter every two steps in the Aerodrome and maybe not necessarily super fit for the site when I see all the creative looks that are uploaded here otherwise
2017-03-03 5:52

Fashion Guru
ty for not reading the description
2017-03-03 5:54 in reply to marjory

I see what you mean there in my look https://gw2style.com/look.php?id=13107&set=recent .

Yes it is sort of mainstream theres no denying that of course, this and about 2 other armor combos that seem to be the meta for human females if you want to go for that less-warrior like look so I get you there :P

However I will agree that I'd like to see more pictures and maybe you should try some closeup shots and less shinies just for variety, like waist and up etc. I find those to have a very engaging effect on the viewer ;)

Also yeah I don't think nightfury fits here or the headpiece, however I do like the headpiece maybe in another color? Its an interesting choice -- and yes I did read your description about not caring what others thing :P
2017-03-03 6:02

Fashion Guru
I dont know why its kinda "forbitten" to like some mainsteam stuff, I mean there is a reason for it beeing meanstream coz it looks nice for many ppl?!
I will not put in more pics since its not welcome by ppl I see that every time I think bout posting a look of one of my chars there is a reason I nearly stopped posting..
I still think if ppl dont have to say nice things or sb asked for help there is no need in pointing stuff out what I already made clear in the decription.. it rly is frustrating I do not say creative post are not nice they are but also "mainstream" post should be treated nicly also I never saw anything like this already in LA or in the Aerodome..

and I did not make an pst with any particular theme its just a fkin condiwar I mean its even in the title.. idk maybe I'm not "elitest" enough to post on this side anymore
2017-03-03 6:12

I read the description, it was basically "I don´t care what ppl think and I wanted to use my shinies"
Still I am allowed to give feedback and state my opinion, am I not? I still don´t think the pieces fit together, this is a valid point and so is the originality which are two deciding factors
Of course you can upload on the site, but to expect that a look that is simply less thought through than many of the creative looks here gets the very same voting is kinda unfair
I did vote well on the presentation, cause that is well done and I complimented you on that
You just said in your OWN comment "its just a fkin condiwar", so apparently you yourself also see the quality of your post in comparison to some other looks here and that should be evident in the votes as well
2017-03-03 6:53 in reply to Becii

Elessar Taralom
I think the presentation is nicely done and with that amount of screens and description it feels unfair to give a bronze vote, this simply feels like bashing (and this site got quite good at it sadly)
However I do agree that the armour mix just feels a little all over the place; the central pieces look nice together (yes, they aren´t original, but they do look nice), but shoulders, glasses and gloves simply don´t fit together at all
And I do feel that, on a site that is all about fashion and rates uploads by factors like originality, it is allowed to remark on this; after all, the comment section is meant for constructive criticism as well, not only praise and so far no one has been anything less than civil on your look
Bolt and the Stormbow are very thematically close and I´d love to see a look around that with your chosen colourscheme (which I quite like), it can involve the Chaos Gloves even!
So it´s a silver for me due to the nice presentation and dyes
2017-03-03 7:04

Fashion Guru
I'm not a big fan of the shoulders and gloves, people usually put them in their armor, without looking at whether it really fits the apperance.
2017-03-03 8:33

I'm not against "mainstream" armor looks, heck many of mine are "mainstream" and still get good traction despite being not too original. The problem resides with armor looks that use "mainstream" components that don't fit together, for example using the Phantom Hood from halloween along with Toxic Pauldrons is an infamous one that I see everywhere, two very conflicting aesthetics slammed onto one armor look because the pieces look good individually. This unfortunately doesn't create a very attractive character. Originality doesn't have to be a primary concern, but creating a cohesive armor look does, along with presentation and attention to detail in screenshots to supplement and highlight the armor's details and "show it off." A lot of times, the originality comes with the presentation, the back story of your character, the screens and locales where they're taken to fit in with that back story, and finally of course the personality of your character which is difficult to capture.

As for this armor look, I agree with Elessar, needs a bit of work to make the pieces look more unified. However, the presentation and screens are very well done, though you want to avoid cropping the images as it lowers the effective resolution. Keep at it!
2017-03-03 13:30