Soldier, Sage - Tanath

By Chiorydax on April 17th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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5 7
1 0
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A loyal soldier of Blood, Tanath is as committed to the Legions as her father, Chiyorix. Tanath set out to pave her way to being one of the greatest legionnaires in the history of the Citadel. Having inherited her father's inventive mind and her mother's tactical mastery, she quickly became renowned in Blood Legion for her advanced form on the field and as a commander.

However, her legend is not set in stone just yet.


Alright, so the concept behind this outfit follows Tanath's place as a soldier. In her story, her fiery hair is important to her, so the dark greens/browns of her armor are intended to contrast it and make it stand out.


Elessar Taralom
Aww, what a great looking Charr! Her fur pattern with that red hair is really amazingly handsome!
For me, medium Charr are the hardest combination to work with, so I admire what you did here! Maybe a TAD too much Viper armour though, the pants could be smth different
I like your way of taking screens so it´s a shame there aren´t more; add some and I will make this a gold ^^
2016-04-17 15:28

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Your screenshots are really good! I also would like to see some more. in the screen selection shot that u took i can see the color difference tho. i am not sure if u wanted to match all since u used every dye the same way in every piece. but i would take some darker green or lighten up the rest to match the shoulder. (which i am jealous of :P ) but great charr!
2016-04-17 16:00

Fashion Guru
Thanks! I've always been really happy with how her fur turned out. My fashion sense may have been weak in the past, but I did something right!

Yeah, part of why I used so much viper was because a) I wanted to make the most of that gem store purchase, and b) because it all fit the theme well. So, take that as you will, I guess.

Also, I added some more screenshots. I think you'll enjoy them.
2016-04-17 16:10 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
Yeah, I'm a chronic preview-window fashion planner, so most of the ideas I come up with are previewed before I commit to them. This often leads to dyes following the same pattern on the armor, due to how preview windows work.

I know it's not optimal, but it works out alright.

Also, I was so excited when I got the stalwart shoulders! It was the last couple weeks before the PvP wardrobe got removed, and I desperately wanted them!
2016-04-17 16:13 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

I plan in the preview window, too xD Most of the time I dye everything in abyss of charred, when I chose armor and kinda hope, that I'm able to dye it right later haha :)

However, I really like her. I can't recall seeing this chestpiece on a charr before and I just love the detail on the right arm. It's great, that your armor keeps her slim figure and the headband really suites her hairstyle.
Backpiece and weapons fit great as well.
I also noticed the contrast between her hair and the green dye and am glad to see, that it was intended :)
Gold from me!
2016-04-18 6:35

Fashion Guru
Yeah, I've had to play with her style for a long time, with both the colors and the outfit. Originally, being uncreative and such, I gave her blood legion-themed colors, but eventually realized that it made her hair less noticeable. That was one big step forward.
The other is that rangers use medium armor, and most of that drapes around the body. I was fairly satisfied with the cultural tier 2 chest/mask, but eventually moved away from the ranger/hunter appearance to a more disciplined, combat-ready appearance.
I'm glad you like it!
2016-04-18 19:54 in reply to NanaItalia

So awesome looking! I really like the aesthetic going with this one.
2017-01-02 4:37