Spirit Nature Druid

By morriganiontko on February 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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Hello guys!
After creating pinkish unicorn stylization for Legendary Contest I wanted give more natural vibe to my ranger.
I wasn't sure which hair color would fit best so I decided to go for Red and add some accents in the same colors to whole look.
My goal was to create organic armor combination. I've picked Council watch, because elements on pants looking like some kind of moss for me.
The biggest problem are shoes to be honest since I hate most of medium boots, they are just too bulky. I grabbed Carapace one - they are connected to organict theme in some way and looks very subtle.
Natural born weapons were default usage in this case. I am very satisfied with combation of Broken Caladbold sword and warden warhorn, they belong to very different collections however they suit like a charm

I can't specify shoulders,like there is no Druid's Shoulderguards :o
Shoulders dys: Cocoa & Mohair


Elessar Taralom
Really natural dyes, really creative use of those pants as well!
The screens are gorgeous, this is an easy gold ^^
2016-02-29 14:30

Fashion Guru
Gorgeous work - I'm in love with how vibrant the greens are. There's a risk of natural looks ending up muddy and bland, but this is just beautiful. Gold gold gold! :) x
2016-02-29 14:46

Very nice druid look!
I love how you incorporated the red colour of your hair within the gloves and the backpiece! Creative use of the pants, probs for that! :D
And also looking back at your latest posts, you have become SO good at screens! The sceneries are always super fitting and you always have super diverse poses! I truely adore your screens, its a joy to go through them!!!!! *,*
Needless to say, again Gold for you ;D
2016-02-29 14:48

Fashion Guru
This...is...so beautiful! Amazing work on the dyes! Not easy on the Nightmare Armors! Gg! I wish there were some screens on the Hot Map but i'm being difficult ^^
Because, as Hylek said, your screens are pretty cool too!
Evreything, from the choice of weapons, combo armor and dyes is perfect!
2016-02-29 14:55

Oh my gosh, thank all of you for so positive comments! *hearts* taking screens is my favourite part of creating new look! :D
And Redlvy maybe tomorrow I will add some HoT screens! I got some beutiful locations there ^^
2016-02-29 15:02 in reply to RedIvy

Now THIS is what the Nature's Oath outfit should have looked like. I envy your skills. Gold!
2016-02-29 17:27

Fashion Guru
So beautiful.Your screens are so great and the ones with animals are my favorite :)
Nice use of the pants and I love how the gloves fit the hair color. This is a really nice ouftit for a druid :D
2016-02-29 17:42

Fashion Collector
Amazing screenshots, this is pure gold.
2016-02-29 18:53

Fashion Guru
Beautiful look. I am in love with the leggins you used on that look they are fitting so perfectly and what an awesome dye choice. I like how you incorperated the red dye of your backpiece to your gloves! Everything looks natural and beautiful on her, lovely and perfect weaponchoice and also really pretty screens. Gold for you! :3
2016-03-01 5:08

she looks simply gorgeous. i have to agree with everyone xD super nice armor mix and lovely dyes, weapon choice is also perfect! i also really love your combination of caladbolg and the warden warhorn, as you already pointed out they look really nice together! soo nice, this is one of the few looks with nightmare top which i really like ^-^
2016-03-01 10:31

I'm glad you like it, thanks!! :)
2016-03-01 18:11

Simple and clear, beautiful nevertheless
2020-05-30 9:47