[Steampunk] Battle Ready Scrapper

By Garrius on November 23rd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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27 8
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Basically I wanted to create a mean looking medium armor that looks it can take a beating, while being utilitarian at the same time.

While dyeing I had to mix and match 3 different types of armor with their respective textures and make them work together (the shoulders are the ones that kept me awake at night). They might not look fantastic but they get the job done, if nothing else they made the armor appear more sturdy.

With the screens I wanted to provided enough variety in lighting contrasts and show how every single part of the armor fits together. There aren't as many as I'd like mainly beacuse I'm short on time lately.

As always it was a challenge but the end result in my opinion is pretty unique.


Now updated with far better screenshots !


Fashion Guru
Your hard work on the dyes paid off, the colors work well I say! I'm not too sure about the gloves here, though. I think it's just the striped cloth on them that ruins it for me; the look as a whole comes across a more rugged and tough (largely due to the shoulders), but the gloves are more stylish/neat.
2015-11-23 2:13

He looks so cool *,*
The armor comb looks very nice and you did PERFECT on the dyes!
Max sliders everywhere! :D
2015-11-23 9:38

Fashion Collector
While I agree that the gloves don't come as rugged and tough as the rest of the armor I wanted it to look practical as well. All the cogs and gears going on there really look like they enable some of the gadgets and tools that I have at my disposal. Besides they made the dyeing so much easier , and the other gloves really didn't fit with how I interpret my scrapper/engineer. Also I'm glad you like the dyes !

Thank you Tetrama for your honest feedback ! :)
2015-11-23 9:48 in reply to Tetrama

Fashion Collector
Thanks Hylek , glad I could hook you with this latest look :D
2015-11-23 9:49 in reply to Hylek

I like it! Nice dyes and armor mix :)
2015-11-23 10:01

Fashion Collector
Thank you Migg ! :)
2015-11-23 10:05 in reply to Migg

This is amazing! This makes me want to reroll my engi from Asura to Human
2015-11-23 11:51

Fashion Collector
Thanks Deratio ! Hopefully it won't come to that ^^
2015-11-23 12:08 in reply to deratio

Fashion Guru
beautiful screenshot, armor mix and dyes! well done! gold for me :)
2015-11-23 15:00

Now that's what I call an Engineer. Very good armor and dye combinations; metal actually looks like metal, leather and cloth actually looks like leather and cloth.

Armor skins work well with your choice of theme, screenshots are nice as well.

All ties together for an amazing look.
2015-11-23 15:53

Fashion Collector
Thank you again Bremy for your generous gold votes ! :D
2015-11-23 19:10 in reply to Bremy

Fashion Collector
Glad your sharpish eyes enjoyed it SIG ^^
2015-11-23 19:18 in reply to SIGfigures

Hands down my favorite Scrapper to date.
2015-11-24 2:07

Fashion Collector
Thank you
2015-11-24 5:59 in reply to Protagonist

Ursine Gent
This is really something special! It reminds me of an Imperial Guard Commissar from 40K, we just need to convince Anet to add a visor cap to the game
2015-11-25 19:57

Fashion Collector
The Emperor will provide :)
2015-11-25 23:40 in reply to Ursine Gent

He is so handsome. Only thing I don't like is the mask. The rest is perfect.
2015-11-30 6:18

Fashion Collector
Thank you Nettie :)
2015-12-03 19:29 in reply to Nettiebell

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