Rouge Trader

By Garrius on September 9th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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"A Rogue Trader is a combination of freelance explorer, conquistador and merchant. They are servants of the Order of Whispers , given a ship, a crew, a contingent of mercenaries and are free to explore the vastness of the seas."

Hello guys,
This is my Engineers latest look.Originally I wanted to create a Musketeer look but instead ended up with this, I thought when I slapped the privateers cap on this it would achieve the look but the utterly fucked up textures on the Triumphant chest had other plans. Upon recovering my sanity back I settled for a black-red color combo as they are easy to make and go well together since time immemorial, and then I was pleasantly surprised with a Triumphant chest that looked rather damned good. Being exhausted with the whole Musketeer thing I dropped it (or rather the damned chest piece decided so) for a more rouge-like look due to the dark leatherish colors that did translate some of the 17th century feel on the armor. To say that I am satisfied with the final result of this look rather would be monumental understatement. I feel this looks rather unique , and I hope I paved the way for anyone trying to make some sort of realistic type of medium armor. Also originally Bladed Boots were used with this look, overall they look nice but I just couldn't find a fitting dye that would match with the rest of the armor (it did give a very fantasyish vibe to the look thou).
With the armor finished finding matching weapons was pretty easy to, the final combo reminded me more of some sort of lord,merchant or baron and then I thought why not make a hybrid of the three, and make a Rouge Trader; as the color combination and weapons really matched the Order of Whispers I figured a Rouge Trader would be some sort of independent extension of the organisation.
For those of you who are curious I used the Mahongany dye to match the the hair with those infernal beard textures.

Any feedback or criticism is always welcome, it's what helps me improve which in return bring you better looks. With all that said I hope you guys enjoy this look !

P.S In my recent uploads people have been accidentally giving me lower votes than intended so please if it's not too much trouble check that the vote matches your awesome comments. Thanks again !


He is sooooo coool!
Your character has so much personality. He looks tough and mysterious, but still like one could trust him :)
The armor makes him look like a agent-bandit-pirate kinda thing, don't know, all at once somehow^^ Also he has the cyber element with the engi thingie flying around him and the rifle.
Armor combo and dyes are on spot and your screens are just awesome, they create so much atmosphere.
I'm in love :)
2016-09-09 4:17

Fashion Collector
Well that was quick! Thanks Nana,I'm glad you like it ! :D
2016-09-09 4:22 in reply to NanaItalia

I like the "Rough" look he has =) The Stalwart Shoulders are going pretty well with the Triumphant Brigandine. Well Done!
2016-09-09 5:36

Bianca Zauberkind
Everything just looks awesome and fits to well! (except for the hammer, i don't like that skin, but that's just my opinion :p).
I love your choice of armor pieces and also the way you dyed them, especially the Triumphant Brigandine looks great. I've sometimes seen it on female chars but it didn't look as cool as it does on your char :D
Your screens are just amazing and fit to the theme of your look.
So everything is just perfect and gold from me!
2016-09-09 5:41

Fashion Collector
I think I have something like his brother here ^^ and we had the same idea for a screenshot funny coincidence xD
2016-09-09 5:45

oh I LOVE this!!
the whole armor combination is simply AWESOME and the dyes are also very nice! I really really love the shoulders and they make him look so badass!
also the beard and hairstyle look very good in this look *-*
only entropy doesn't really fit here, but damn I love the screens and this look, so GOLD!
2016-09-09 8:48

Fashion Guru
Entropy doesn't really fit in with the rest, also I think another (more realistic) glider would fit him a lot better.
Other than that, this upload is looking flawless to me. armor mix is great, dyes are spot on and presentation is amazing :D
Well deserved gold ^^
2016-09-09 9:17

Fashion Collector
What a coincidence indeed! I suppose great minds think alike. Looks pretty great so far, I'll be looking forward to it. =)
2016-09-09 12:05 in reply to Billy

Fashion Collector
-- Comment has been removed --
2016-09-09 12:11 in reply to Bianca Zauberkind

Fashion Collector
Thank you Taxima ^^
2016-09-09 12:12 in reply to Taxima

Fashion Collector
You are too kind ! :)
2016-09-09 12:12 in reply to Bianca Zauberkind

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much!
2016-09-09 12:14 in reply to Chro

Fashion Collector
Hmm you got a point about the hammer and glider. My initial idea was that the rouge trader came upon an artifact (hence why the colors don't need to necessarily match) which gave him some form of powers, in this case the bat-wings.
Tyvm for your feedback and kind words !
2016-09-09 12:18 in reply to Roamin

Fashion Guru
uuh a nice male medium armor mix :)

He's kinda to "beardy" for my taste :P

and yes the hammer fits to ur "story" but not to the rest of ur theme :)
2016-09-09 12:30

brilliant. I love him :)
2016-09-09 12:55

Elessar Taralom
Really like the whole look ^^
He does feel like a real character with the beard and everything
The armour comb is really neat, a good mixture that combines a lot of the most good-looking medium armor pieces!
I like the overall dye scheme, the only thing where I could get nitpicky is the pants as they feel a bit too uni coloured to me in comparison to the other pieces, but that´s just about it actually
Still doesn´t delude from the fact that this is a very succesfull mix and a great overall upload! The screens are great and your story is well thought through
I agree about the hammer, but since all your other weapons are spot on I don´t really mind
Gold ^^
2016-09-09 13:37

Fashion Collector
I guess I really dropped the hammer on this one :D I guess I owe you for your continuous feedback throughout my looks.
2016-09-09 14:04 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Collector
I'll keep in mind what you said about the hammer for my future looks. Thank you for posting you feedback ! :)
2016-09-09 14:11 in reply to Becii

Fashion Collector
Thank you for your kind words :D
2016-09-09 14:11 in reply to Himmelstaenzer

Fashion Guru
This is a really solid outfit. Like, even excluding the theme, it looks like a really well-rounded set of armor. The armor mix is compatible, the dyes are bold but tasteful.

I just really like this. Great work!
2016-09-09 15:02

Fashion Guru
Really nice look. I know those boots weren't your first choice but I'm glad to see someone else also chose to use them with that chest piece. I also used the same pieces for my human male. []

The armor looks very cohesive. The studs on the shoulders match the studs on the end of the chest piece which also somewhat match the studs on the gloves. I also like how decorated the armor looks. There's just enough details to suggest a noble air, but not so much that the armor doesn't lose its practicality. The eye patch and disheveled hair and beard were a nice touch. It gives him a real rugged and experienced aesthetic that supports your story. A story that is also very nicely supported by your screens.

I can just imagine what's going on. He hears some stories in Lion's Arch about a shipwreck with some magical treasure. He then reports back to the Order where they send him on a mission to get any treasure left on that ship. Then a few shots of mission prep and intelligence gathering to find out where he'll go. Afterwards a trip to the docks to grab a ship. Then stepping off after his voyage. Finally, he reaches his final destination. Treasure at last. The only part of your story that feels a bit off to me are his glider/wings. Even after taking into account the powers he gained from that magical hammer, I agree with Roamin that a more classical glider would be more fitting.

The dyes were a good choice. As you said its hard to go wrong with red and black. The only nitpicks I have about the dyes are: the metallic portion near his neck and the metal on his boots. The metal near his neck is dyed a bronze/green and its a bit detracting from the rest of the dye scheme. I do realize that you chose that color because it shares a dye slot with the color on his belt however, I think using Oxblood on the fourth dye slot of the chest piece would provide a nice red color for both the belt and the metallic portion "neck piece". As for the metal on the boots, I think instead of using Murky Grey you should use Dry Silver so you can continue the theme of dyeing the metallic portions of your armor that color.

Ultimately, this is a really nice look with an excellent armor combination and original theme that's very nicely supported by your screens and story.
2016-09-09 18:54

Fashion Collector
Thank you very much !
2016-09-09 20:57 in reply to Chiorydax

Fashion Collector
Thank you Ursaring for writing such a comprehensive and honest post. I did change the dyes you suggested, the oxblood on the chest piece looks a bit orangeish so I left the part as it is, while on the boots you were spot on.I also fiddled around the classical glider a bit but I've still to find suiting dyes that go along with the rest of the look. Overall you had some very nice points all around.and I am very happy you enjoyed this look. Cheers !
2016-09-09 21:19 in reply to Ursaring

Fashion Collector
Great minds think alike indeed ^^
I tried these boots and the gloves myself but it did not fit with what I wanted to do, but you knew well use them! Nice choice of backpack, weapons (except the hammer yea') and your screenshots look good too :]
2016-09-10 7:12

Fashion Collector
I seems I will never head the end of the hammer not fitting.:D Thanks for your kind words, and good luck with your look ! :)
2016-09-10 14:10 in reply to Billy

Fashion Guru
This is a really great concept, excellently executed. I do think the hammer and the wings throw it off, and there is too much red on the boots. As red is an accent in the rest of the outfit, they seem to be a bit over powering. IK they prolly wouldn't dye the other way around, and the prospect of finding ones that would dye are limited. Gold
2016-09-14 16:19

Fashion Guru
I really love this look! From the armor mix and colors to the screens, everything looks amazing! The face is very cool and the weapons you chose fit nicely ! (except for the hammer ofc but you already know that.. so sorry to mention it again ;P). I'm also not convinced by the wings as a glider in this look. I would choose the basic glider with a red dye maybe. This is just a detail anyway.
Amazing look and well deserved gold !
2016-09-14 16:33

Fashion Collector
Thank you very much Ace ! :)
2016-09-14 21:41 in reply to Acethyle

Fashion Collector
Since there is only so many ways I can say "thank you" I will use Gratitude instead . :D
2016-09-14 21:42 in reply to jesandsteven

So much character in this look. Gold.
2016-10-10 14:11

Perfect! Except for the hammer, it looks very out of place here. Aside from that, great look!
2017-03-05 18:18