The Avengress [Jungle Provides]

By Becii on November 6th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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My submission for The Jungle Provides...Fashion Contest.. by GuildWarsDyeJob: memory starts with a screech of a bird. The next I remember was two big eyes from something which reminded me of a huge frog. This creature tried to tell me something, but I didn't understand a word, when I realized we were surrounded from Mordremoth's minions I understood. I took my sword and fought against my former allies , Sylvari. After the fight I was about to cry, then the frog croaked again, he lifted me up and carried me away from the battlefield. I was about to struggle, but my exhaustion dropped me off to a deep sleep..

..many weeks later I was still with Omak, the young Itzel who found me. He looked after my wound and made sure Kaana Matli, their leader, let me stay in the village. Since it was quite high in the air I built myself a glider and learned how to use the updrafts to gain height. But I couldn't stay forever, I had to take revenge upon Mordremoth. He did not only deface me with a cursed scar, he forced me to kill my friends. So I went deeper in the jungle..

..up in the sky there are majestic creatures called Wyvern. One day when I was on my way to Tarir, there were people who wanted to kill Mordremoth too, I came across a special Wyvern. He didn't attack me like the others. The next day I came with some fresh meat, after he ate it he sat till dawn next to me. As much as I liked him I had to continue my journey, but when I left the breeding ground he followed me. Since then Zeus and me were fighting side on side against Mordremoth's minions.. we arrived in Tarir we met the Exalted. It was time to get some powerful weapons for the fight against Mordremoth and they got the materials for them. While I was praying and gathering everything for my new sword and axe, others were working on a way to kill the elder dragon. Today I finished my weapons and wait for the right day to come to accomplish my duty..

(Screens fit to the story and are with GEMFX coz I was to lazy to turn it off ^^ )

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First Style Supporter
Very different from your usual Ranger. Good armor choice and nice colors. Good screenshots. I love the effort you put into your story!
2015-11-06 23:27

Fashion Guru
ty ^^' idk i just got so inspirated from the contest it just came out of me :D
2015-11-07 2:46 in reply to ratfeast

Love the colors, they match the weps very nicely. It's cool how u inverted the green and the lime-ish gold of the Auric weps with the green being the main and the lime-ish gold being a highlight. Pretty nice :D
2015-11-10 15:40