Ice Queen

By Becii on January 4th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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9 8
3 0
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"One day I will subject Tyria and I will be greatly feared! Known as the Ice Queen I will reside in the Royal Palace!"

...Very many years ago, there lived a young woman in a small villiage in the Shiverpeak Mountains. She loved the iciness in that region ever since. One special night, when even the fireplace couldn't warm up the cottages, she heared a whisper. Silently, to not wake up any others, she slipped out of her bed and went outside. The night was clear and her breath was freezing immediately. Now the dark whisperings got louder. A feeling run through her and she knew she had to continue her nocturnal journey...

...After wandering two hours through kneehigh snow she foud the source of the power attracting her. Her hole body was cold as ice but she didn't freeze at all, quite the contrary she felt a power rising in her. The whisper was no whisper anymore. A deep voice was talking to her now. "I was waiting for you." Not quite sure what to answer she gazed at the pulsing blue light infront of her. "You can feel my power and so do I feel yours." She gasped and spoke clear without any fear in her voice: "I always knew I'm more powerfull than the others. I could feel their weakness." The deep voice answered snidey: "None of them is close to your abilities, and with me you will get even stronger. You will obey my orders and conquer them all" With proud in her chest she followed the voice and after years of loyalty she was gifted with powers no human could bear...

...She became a Champion of Jormag...


I hope there are not to many mistakes in there since writing and stuff is nothing I'm good at ^^ This lil story just came into my mind when I saw the Ice Crown in the gemshop and I was walkin in a nearly forrest with all the snow today :3

I'm using the Winter'S Heart Infusion and the Ghostly Infusion in this look. Furthermore I wasnt paying much attention to the choice of weapons tbh just went for 2 swords there, clearly a Staff would have been a nice choice too.

If anyone has an idea where I can make a screenshot with an Icepalace pls tell me! :o


This is glorious - take your well-deserved gold!
2017-01-04 21:00

Faceless Wanderer
Very beautiful :)
2017-01-04 21:51

Fashion Guru
Thanks :)
2017-01-05 5:09 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Guru
ty :3
2017-01-05 5:10 in reply to Faceless Wanderer

The ultra panorama screen where she just swings her sword is breathtaking *,*
I love how you kept the background minimalistic and worked towards her icy appearence, very well done!
The armor-comb might not be too original, but damn you know how to present it :D
This is why i tell people "presentation matters!!!" ;)
Magnificent work, have a Gold!
2017-01-05 6:41

Fashion Guru
and I wasnt even sure if I should take that shot :'D happy u like it
I agree totaly with ur argument bout the armor-comb, my intention was a wide princessdress how we know them from fairytails so the nightmareskirt was the only one to take there imo. And I chose the Leylinetop coz of the collar, idk why but it looks majestetic to me xD I simply went for the chaosgloves coz its hard to find fitting gloves to that top and shiny was good enough for this look :P
The shoes I went for is simply coz I like the T3 and they look elegant imo :3

And yes I also agree with ur "presentation matters!!!" :D I always try to work with the golden cut, blur "unimportant" objects ( I leared that in school :x) and I wanted a simply background so the "princessdress" and her "cold skin" are in the middle, moreover I didnt find a nice Icecastle when I was running around in the shiverpeaks xD

so this comment got rly long here :D anyway thanks for ur vote and comment :)
2017-01-05 7:06 in reply to Hylek

This is actually so beautiful! I love your screenshots :)
2017-01-05 9:32

Fashion Guru
ty :>
2017-01-05 10:30 in reply to Pathie

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
this concept is amazing. I would like to see a screenshot from the character selection even without the infusions showing i think it would be nice. either way, gold
2017-01-06 8:46

So pretty!!
2017-01-06 13:43

She is beautiful, her eyes are mesmerizing.
She truly looks like a ice queen. Nice work!
2017-02-26 21:46