Black vs Neon.

By Lorelilly on June 5th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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15 12
3 0
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I was inspired by Zirconia's Tron thief and started working on something, but as usual it turned out completely different...
Now I've been bouncing about whether or not I should get the Algae dye because its so nice and bright!
Then I made this outfit,- though it looks awesome with pretty much any bright color instead of the
green or even purple,- and I just really couldn't help myself and bought it *looks around innocently*

Anyways, I might have failed on the futuristic part and this is no where near the original hairstyle
I was planning on using... I still think it turned out pretty nice ^0^''

Sorry for the lack of interesting screenshots, I might have caught a bit of a cold...
if someone wishes to buy a lung, I think I'm about to cough one up, if not, my head will explode. @[email protected]
The purple color on the screenshots is blacklight dye.

** By the way, if you have not guessed yet; I'm dedicating this inspirational burst to Zirc ^0^''
Tron Thief -->


Fashion Guru
This is really nice, I really like the dyes and armor combination. Hope you feel better soon, though!
2015-06-05 19:25

Fashion Guru
I'm glad that my look was your inspiration! and as usual, you did a great job! You make me like armor pieces that normally I dislike, like this skirt! The hints of color are perfectly balanced!
truly unique! :)
2015-06-06 3:55

Absolutely gorgeous dye job, armor combination is very unique. Fantastic job :)
Get well soon! ^^
2015-06-06 6:04

I ... dunno
I ... just ... I ...
I mean I ... LOVE IT xD
Send me your lung as soon as it is out! Ill try to trade it and get you some Algae for it xD
Nice look!!! I hope you get well soon *uses condi-remove*
2015-06-06 8:36

Fashion Guru
The combination of Aurora Garb and Seer Pants looks amazing! The dye combination tops everything! Love it!
2015-06-06 9:04

It's perfect!
2015-06-08 2:37

Igneous Ray
Fashion Collector
Quite unique!

I'm impressed that you took something common (black and white) and mixed it with just one other color and really made it come alive.
2015-06-13 19:50