Master of Clockwork Oddities

By Lorelilly on October 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
30 1
4 0
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Meet my Engineer, she can repair anything! You can find her at Lorisell Repairs Well Repair Shop,
located 300 steps south-east from the mad kings kettle in lions arch.
Special Event; Mechanical oddities, only during halloween!
P.S. Knock on the door, the bell doesn't work!

But, going back to being serious... KLSFLKSDj Literally spend 10 hours trying to get this look ready. The right color-scheme was horrible to pick and then I'm not even talking about the time it cost to balance out the colors! At first I was stuck on more of a pale gold with peach color and tried pretty much any other combination inbetween until I finally settled on the dark-brown with seafoam green. Didn't really wanna resort to the Glacial colors since I use them a lot, but it looks so nice, also its easier when you need one tint lighter or darker. The metal on the top gave me quite a headache as well since it colors a lot lighter and shinier than the metal on the shoulder and gloves. With the Gargoyle Hammer I added the 'Tangerine Dye' on the glowing part of the shoulderpiece because it matched the glow of the hammer.

After looking at the front page I noticed the old Steampunk competition on GuildwarsDyeJob on reddit and that reminded me of my old; Lorisell and the Raygun Monocle upload. When messing around with it I really wanted to us the pirate gloves, didn't plan on using the boots at first, but there literally aint any other pair of boots that fit the look, material or pattern wise. I tried the monocle, and the reading glasses, and the sunglasses and though they're not bad, the tophat looks best! It just adds to the feel of it.

I'm starting to run out of idea's for screenshots, was trying to do the scrapper, hammer skill 3 for a nice shot, but it just didnt turn out as nice as I expected it would. Do really like the /crossarms emote they added though! And of course my altime favorite for the Engineer: Rocket Boots!!!

Dyes Used: Tangerine, Midnight rust, Midnight Red, Chocolate, Warmth, Deep Glacial teal, Glacial Teal, Shiver Sea, Dry Silver, Vintage Silver and Charred. (Mostly thanks to the Birthday dye packs X3)

Anyways, HAPPY (almost) HALLOWEEN!


This one blew me away. Not just gold. But full marks gold!
This style reminds me so much of some past manga and anime characters i have seen.
2016-10-29 20:30

Fashion Guru
This looks really well made!

I like that you used the pirate hook and peg leg as steampunk part rather than making another pirate look!
If you told me that aetherblade chestpiece and magitech shoulders fit together, I would have laughed but this just shows how wrong one can be (that one being me).
The hat tops (heh) it off really well and makes for a nice appearance.

The dye scheme is really amazing and the dyes you chose fit together really well. The combination of teal dyes with darker brown dyes isn't very new to me (am I the only one?) but it certainly adds a big part to the whole appearance and I really love it!

I'm not fully certain of the weapons (especially the hammer) but the way you presented them in the screenshots definitely makes them look fitting!

Your screenshots are absolutely beautiful, even if sometimes I just don't know how the scene combines with the style/theme. But I am the last one to talk when it's about screenshots, gah.

The description is entertaining and informative to read, for me the biggest plus.

I believe my gold got a scratch you should go fix it.
2016-10-29 21:03

Not a huge fan of the armor, I feel it's a bit overused for steampunk stuff, but the dyes are amazing. Gold :D
2016-10-30 0:36

Fashion Guru
I really like your armor choices but what I like the most are the colors. Very good job :)
2016-10-30 7:16

Fashion Guru
Looks amazing! Gold!
2016-10-30 7:28

Hmnn havent really looked at it like that, I was kinda going for a failed inventor who was trying to set up a mechanical house of oddities for halloween. but now that you mention it, it would be a purrfect anime character!
Happy you like it so much, and thank you!
2016-10-30 7:47 in reply to Eremite

Was officially going for more of a circus headmaster-ish look, but I'll take the steampunk ^0^ Well brown and teal mixes well, and the glacial colors are amazing so I'd be suprised if no on else figured it out by now :p and I know right! I'm so happy I continued looking for colorschemes. Yea the hammer is not a complete match, but it's almost halloween and I had to use it anyways! Maybe I'll have a look on my revenant to see if I can do a halloween silver/orange outfit with it...
And scratched or not, still gold, thank you!!
2016-10-30 7:54 in reply to Blackkarmy

Well it is the most purrfect steampunk piece, cant blame people for choosing it :p
And thank you so much!
2016-10-30 7:55 in reply to frederickx

A lot of people seem to (me too!) and Thank you so much!
2016-10-30 7:55 in reply to Katushka

Thank you so much!!!
2016-10-30 7:56 in reply to Exitus_Letalis

And another great look of yours!
Love the steampunky/ringmaster flair it has! And i absolutely love the pants here, they are just made for this kind of theme :D
Another Gold for you!
2016-10-30 15:28

Thank you so much hun!
And yea was working another pair of pants before but these just fit so much better with the style and the boots ^0^
2016-10-30 16:39 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
Your dye work is just beautiful. Gold.
2016-10-31 18:32

Thank you so much!
2016-10-31 20:07 in reply to jesandsteven

Refia Montes
Top hat making toons bald is such a turn off... Nevertheless an awesome look.
2016-11-01 8:17

Lol I wholly agree, but it it fits so well together I'm able to overlook the bald spot x3
Thank you~! ^0^
2017-01-13 11:25 in reply to Refia Montes

Awesome, makes me thinks of the clock king
2018-08-29 9:08