Whispers of an Ancient City

By Lorelilly on November 20th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
29 7
3 0
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When night has fallen and the animal sleeps, while sound is softning as the nightingale weeps
When darkness is growing as shadows fade, while moonlight shines upon the blinking blade
When war is comming and armies prepared, while zero and none are left to be spared
When humans are fighting and battles are lost, While womans are crying for all that it cost
When legends are forgotten and no stories remain, then all hope is gone and trying invain...

Yes yes, I'm sorry I just haaad to put up another poem x.x
I really need to start writing new ones O.o

Anyway, I've been struggling with the colors on this armor for a very long time now, tried several combinations and somehow I just cant seem to get the one I like x.x Eventually I settled for the deep glacial sky and algae one because it matches the musket of the sunless, but still I'm not quite sure @[email protected] Feel free to vote which color combination you like best or if you got any suggestions on what might look good!

Took almost all screenshots within the Lost Precipice Guild Hall, found two rather nice spots I've fallen in love with after some in-depth exploration with a friend of mine. (With some luck when the GH's bugged out and placed an airship and proper bridges everywhere) Downside is that when they fixed it I had to use the decorations to get where I wanted to go, but all worked out well in the end! Also... Pumpkin-bridge!!!! Maaay have ended up with a few more screenshots than intended, but I can't help it, those graphics are niiiiice ^0^


Fashion Guru
The green lights on the shoulders match the pulsing green of the rifle perfectly, and the glacial blue and algae dyes look good like that. Though the blue and white dye combo does come at a close second for me. Great look though, and screens are as excellent as ever.
2015-11-20 20:51

Fashion Guru
beautiful. just beautiful. gold and re-gold for you! amazing job!
2015-11-20 21:56

Fashion Guru
Wow, she looks absolutely amazing!! Really great job!
2015-11-21 0:32

really nice outift over here! :) gj :)
2015-11-21 6:09

2015-11-21 8:26


Awesome look Lilly :D
I love the whit/blue colour-scheme, tho all of them look super nice!!!
Great screens, did i tell you my vote already? Its GOOOOOOOOOOOLD xD
2015-11-21 8:27

Thank you all so much! Happy to see you all like it so much,
I was kinda afraid people would write it off because of the open patches of skin being too 'sexy' ^0^''
2015-11-21 8:48

Awwwww ty so much Hylek!!!!
*Gives you a huge hug*
2015-11-21 8:49 in reply to Hylek

Wow! These colours mix so well, same for the armor pieces a perfect match as if it's a pre made set, meant to be together!

Definitely gold! Looking forward to see more :).
2015-11-21 10:14

Fashion Collector
She's awesome! I must say i'm partial to the green the most, but all the colors work great for her :) Gold!
2015-11-21 19:39

Drunk Art
awesome look! very beautiful! gold!
2015-11-22 2:21

Amazing! The green goes very well with the blue and the riffle! The white version looks very cool too !
Love it..Gold for you :D
2015-11-22 9:21

Elessar Taralom
really interesting colour combination, I really like that Tarir look, gold!
2016-01-15 15:10

2016-02-25 19:23