Royal Thief

By Viceblack on January 28th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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8 13
3 0
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Spent many revisions on my thief, Im finally happy the way he is now.

Head: Adventurer Mantel
Shoulder: Forgeman's Shoulder
Chest: Carapace coat
Gloves: Accursed Vambraces
Pants: Magitech leggings
Boots: Magitech Boots


Fashion Guru
Thieves are always giving me the hardest time to shop for, especially when I try to make a male thief look fancy. I am really bored of the same old coat and the Noble outfit. This gives me a place to start for an alternative, I really like it.
2015-01-29 20:29

I really like this, it's different, we all know the generic theif look, but this is really different and i love it for a male tune c: I'm not too fond of the blue thats all! haha but great job c:
2015-01-30 6:46

This combo fits very well, nice job on the dye too ... gold for me :D
2015-04-23 12:44

2016-04-28 7:06