Celestial Earth Mother

By Malkulaas on January 24th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
26 11
3 1
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My Ranger Malkulaas with a different look I had in the past. Really loved this one, but I like to change it up a lot. I got tired of all the trench coats!


Fashion Guru
oh she looks so sad. beautiful
2015-01-31 10:47

Pretty damn perfect if you ask me. I would personally maybe add a more "highlighting" dye second to the white, or a third one. But that may be just me.
2015-02-10 2:16

Fashion Collector
Now thats a beautiful combo!
2015-05-12 7:45

She's golden :) I really like the combination of the glamorous tone (colors / bow / flower) and the straight lines of her longvest. Good job!
2015-05-19 4:27