...because I'm not afraid of anything

By ieva on February 12th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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She was beautiful, she was intelligent, and unlike many other women, she could "stand her ground", she was extraordinarily independent in her actions, she was in no way timid, and she had a fair amount of energy and self-confidence.
He entered the palace a little embarrassed. She stood exactly where she would have stood at their first meeting, and she looked just as seductive and enchanting as she did then. And just like then, she smiled - perhaps a little provocatively, perhaps a tiny bit mockingly. He felt his heart beat even harder and something tightened his throat. In his ears her voice sounded from that time: "...because I'm not afraid of anything except losing my mount or having to marry...".
Her clever brown eyes scrutinized him. She had an exuberant temper. It was impossible to restrain her. What she set her mind to, she brought to completion. There seemed to be only one person at all who could do her justice - her father.
She grabbed her whip, with her other hand lifted a saddle and walked through the door. And before anyone could object to the ride, even for the sake of form, she was already outside with her Griffon. Shortly thereafter the beating of wings and the exuberant "Yippieh" could be heard.

This is my Story
Today I show my desert princess, headstrong woman who likes to swing a whip :)
Besides Raven Ceremonial Garb I bought a while ago, Bear Ceremonial Sandals and my beloved Marshal's Spearmarshal's Cowl, I also used Incarnate Mantle and Funerary Pants. In hand I put a whip - Desert King Focus Skin (I also use Desert King Skins as further weapons - not on pictures) to create a mistress, self-confident and swashbuckling princess. Colors are neutral with small turquoise accents.
I hope you like them
Weapon: Desert King Focus Skin
Griffon Hatchling Backpack


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beautiful as always
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Thank you!
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