Cyber Goth / Rave

By Lithril on February 15th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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I wanted a modernized goth / cyber goth / Rave party participant look. The gas mask as well as the Venom dyed Dreads combined with the Marauder pants give the modernized goth look as if they are wearing Tripp pants.

Armors used :
Metal Legion "soldier" size
Marauder Pants
Forgeman Boots

Colors are Abyssal Sea, Green Lion, Shadow Abyss

This armor is very flexible for colors as well as the boots, throw in your own design for shoulders and boots or even gloves! (i recommend the magitech to make it more cyberpunk / cybergoth)

I dont believe this look needs to be specified in a specific environment. All of my looks from now on are going to be about the appearance of the armors. Im not going to ever post myself in different scenes or areas due to lighting. Lighting plays an important role and in the hero panel it is neutral lighting. If you vote me down due to "no scenes" move on elsewhere and dont vote at all. Im not a story teller, im a designer.


The cyber goth guy with green dreadlocks look is well done by you. Too bad your presentation is limited with hero panel picture
2021-02-15 19:33

Fashion Guru
Hehe, quite the authentic Cyber Goth indeed.
2021-02-16 2:51

Im not going to upload scenes ever. to be voted on for scenes is stupid. im only going for the look, its on YOU to make YOUR OWN scene.
2021-02-16 12:18

I love your look! So fun :) Also happy that there are others here who think voting based on screens and description is stupid :D (Then why gw2style is the name? Why not gw2rp or something if it needs to be a roleplay...)
2021-03-04 6:31