Mysterious Traveler

By Foncess on November 11th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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In between important events that she was involved in, the commander would disappear, seemingly off the face of Tyria. There would be 0 sightings, and members of Dragon's Watch never tell anyone where she goes. There's been rumors of her being with a secret partner that she visits in her free time, maybe she's just relaxing in a private location, and some people even believe that she's exploring the mists.

On an unrelated note; during times of peace (more or less), a mysterious figure that covers almost all of their skin with heavy clothing has been spotted in some places with more harsh conditions. People who've seen them usually refer to them as the "Mysterious Traveler" and not much is known about them. They've been known to fight in a similar style to the commander as well as have the same colored hair as her, they also haven't spoken a single word as far as people have heard. They're usually found in places like Orr, The Crystal Dessert, or in The Northern Shiverpeaks, cleaning up whatever Risen, Branded, Sons of Svanir, or whatever the common enemy of the area they're currently in are. Most people haven't heard of the Traveler due to them only being spotted in areas that are far away or are in harsh conditions, and most people never will know about them. But the people who've fought alongside them know them to be one of the best fighters they have ever seen.


Adventurer's Mantle - Oil Slick, Ruin, Abyss
Buccaneer Shoulders - Abyss, Antique Bronze
Rubicon Coat - Oil Slick, Abyss, Oil Slick, Abyss
Leather Gloves - Ruin, Oil Slick, Abyss
Rubicon Leggings - Oil Slick, Ruin, Ruin
Vigil's Honor Boots - Oil Slick, Abyss, Abyss
Daredevil's Staff


i think this is rad!!!!
2020-11-11 21:47

Thank you.
2020-11-11 21:50 in reply to fwoggy

Nice ss
2020-11-11 21:50

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