The BONE Collector

By ieva on November 9th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Grey
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Many cultures work with animal bones. Witches, root workers, shamans etc. have always worked with bones, feathers, claws and horns...
These bones are used for divination/oracle or for ritual work with the ancestors and gods. They are used as talismans or as ornaments for ritual objects such as an athame (a ceremonial knife) or a staff. Or used as amulets for hexes or to ward off hexes. But also to change shape, one decorates oneself with parts such as feathers, bones or furs, to then literally transform into one of the wild animals. Many primitive people still practice it today, in which the shaman or medicine man transforms into a favourite animal; like e.g. wolf, bear, lion.
Bones are his passion. He collects them with dedication. Patiently and like a shadow, the bone collector lurks for his unsuspecting victims. He wants to slowly rebuild his curious collection and patiently waits for favourable moments.
I thought about which look would still be interesting with Bear Ceremonial Garb. With claws and bones it looks brutal. I thought, how about some more bones... So I tried to create even more scary character by using different armour pieces with bone fragments.I also combined weapons Great Capra and Deathwish (Here you can also take Godskul Skins). For head I had the choice between Dragonrender helmet and Rascal Mask - both fit the look quite well, but I'm not sure which one I like better. As Bear Ceremonial Garb does not have a shoulder, the fur collar of Dragonrender helmet covers the empty neck area.
In the game there are so many places with skulls, animal bones - so enough space for "bony" screens.

Thus a witch, ritualist and my bone collector was born. I hope you like him

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Back Item: Prize of the Boneskinner


Fashion Guru
real nice design ^-^
2020-11-09 14:29

Fashion Guru
...good idea with boots and mask (I think they are better than helmet, even if the elastic band is unfinished at the sides). Weapon choice is also very good. The back fits to it, but I prefer without.
If you look at the mountains of skulls, the name fits perfectly!
2020-11-09 15:17

Thank you both for nice feedback!
2020-11-09 19:09

Fashion Collector
Its a solid look, you did a good job
2020-11-10 12:47

Thank you :)
2020-11-10 20:18 in reply to lirodan

Lanaya Mirrorblade
sick stuff, is that a thief? sort of want to emulate this on my charr but not sure if the bear garb will stretch out too much
2020-11-11 16:05

Bear Ceremonial armor charr male:
2020-11-11 17:13 in reply to Lanaya Mirrorblade