The turquoise sea simply screams for VACATION, sun and fun!

By ieva on August 26th, 2020
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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For a long time I had been looking forward to three lazy weeks by the sea. Lying in the sun, getting a tan and cooling down in the water every now and then. Wonderful!
I am on Labyrinthine Cliffs. Here, on the beach, you can walk for hours, let the fresh sea breeze blow around your nose and just let your gaze wander over the horizon. Early in the morning it is the most beautiful here, because then you can enjoy the view of the play of colours of pink, turquoise and blue without the many tourists who come with skimmers (If you want to experience a more special Labyrinthine Cliffs experience, you can participate in a Skimmer Slalom. Flitting over the crystal clear water in front of the Labyrinthine Cliffs with your hovering ray is an experience that is only surpassed by few others!). It is barely 15 minutes walk from the Bazaar Docks, a small harbour in the centre of the Labyrinthine Cliffs. Here it is simply wonderful and much less touristy than on Southsun Cove.
In the bay bordered by rocks there is also a bar where I can buy snacks and refreshments - sunbeds and umbrellas can also be rented on site.
Fishing from the shore certainly has its good sides, but when it comes to mobility, nothing beats a barge. This makes it possible to fish in places that are not accessible from the shore. If you don't have a barge at your disposal, you can rent one or use a rowing boat.
I spend most of my time on the beach. Bathing, snorkeling, lying lazily in the sun or flying kites... Yes, it is a wonderful hobby where you spend a lot of time in the fresh air.
And here is the ideal! I stand with wind at my back and lay my kite on the ground in front of me. The kite should lie in such a way that the lines or the lines are still on top. Now I go a few steps backwards and slowly unwind the line from the spool.
The ideal flying conditions are at wind force 3-6 (at wind force 7 you have to do more physical work, at wind force 8 I only recommend experts and professionals). Too little wind makes kite flying impossible, but it shouldn't be too much either. But a widespread thought that kites only fly in windy weather is a mistake. There is a wide range of models that stay in the air even at low to minimal wind speeds. So try them - it's fun!

This is my Story (* inspired by Bazaar of the Four Winds)
A bit of cosplay, a bit of fun - I had another crazy idea - to send my norn on summer vacation. And Labyrinthine Cliffs was a perfect place for it. So I packed my backpack, took some fishing rods with me and then went stunt kiting on the beach with my Krytan Drakehound.
A few days ago I got Bear Ceremonial Sandals, which I find a nice change for boring boots (as existing armour parts for leather class). With female characters they don't look like bear paws, but rather cute, like fur mules with ribbons to wrap around (like a Gucci mules, lol). In addition sunglasses and a longsleeve. A headache was leg wear. I did not want to use a skirt and there is not much choice of shorts. The colors are kept quite natural (a little bit adapted to backpack) with a little red for glasses and mules.
Making-of (with other colors, armor parts etc):

Look at vacation pictures, have fun!
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Armor Dyes:
Weapons: Still Waters Fishing Rod + Improvised Longbow + Zephyrite Staff
Backpiece: Divinity's Reach Rucksack
I have used Sand Shark Kite


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