The EBONHAWKE Watchman

By ieva on October 31st, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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9 1
2 0
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Never thought I'd live to see the day when Queen Jennah's people, Ebonhawke, and the charr legions would be talking peace. Feels like everything in the world is trying to stop it, though.
Separatists are a group of human outlaws who ignore Queen Jennah's ceasefire with the charr. They try to disrupt peace talks through violent tactics, and will even kill other humans if it means they can restart the War of Ascalon Independence. The official stance of the Ebon Vanguard is that they are extremists who cannot be negotiated with.

The Separatists are causing trouble in Ebonhawke. They are slowly becoming a danger to the Ebon Vanguard. I have to arrest these separatists. That's why I look for all their hiding places here in Ebonhawke, talk to all the sympathizers of the Separatists I meet. And when I see propaganda posters, I tear them down.
If anything looks strange or sounds strange, then I follow my gut. According to the law, I'm not allowed to just enter people's houses, but I can knock and see if there's a separatist there.
Today was a good day. I chased the separatists out of the Kestrel market and defeated the escaped separatist leader...
All my styling was done around Ironsight Bolt Thrower. I also wanted to use the new Ebon shoulder. So I created an Ebonhawke Watchman Look, which is also based on Ebon Vanguard colors: green, black, beige.
I love the Ascalonian helmet (it's too seldom used!) and it fits well with the Watchman theme. The look is very realistic, only the pants are a bit extravagant. Concerning the chest part, I tried Kultur RĂ¼stung, unfortunately I was not satisfied with the coloring. Since there is little choice for leather class, I had to use Duelist Coat.

I hope you enjoy watching my Ebonhawke Watchman
Weapon: Ironsight Bolt Thrower


Love the outfit, it is both like a combat uniform and doesn't become too boring because of realism :D
2020-08-17 2:23

I'm glad you like it !
2020-08-17 3:29 in reply to vanguard21