Dragon Hunter

By Dace on August 10th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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All across Tyria the Elder Dragons rise and all across Tyria you'll find me.

This is another old look from before my break. This one dedicated to my Dragonhunter build for my Guardian. This one was fun as I really started to enjoy the colors I was using. I really like the gold and red. It inspired me to use the Lion Guard weapon skins for this look.

When it came to the armor I fiddled around a fair amount. The look kinda came together around wanting to use the Dragonhunter's Guantlets. I went with the Priory Breastplate due to how the how the colors came together with red and gold. As I stated before I tend to go with leg pieces that have the skirt like feature around it. I find the normal leg pieces so odd looking. The Carapace Tassets was something I had wanted to work with for some time. The only thing I don't like is the folded wing that is darker than the rest. I had initially considered the Triumphant Hero's boots but they clipped through the leg piece. I eventually moved to the Arborist Boots due to how rugged they looked. I also enjoy the glow. Their glow happened to match the characters natural glow so it complimented well. I decided to go with Braham's Warhelm for the horns. It matched the whole dragon hunter aspect and so those horns matched that of the gauntlets. I added the Reinforced Scale shoulder pieces to give it that final armor look.

I ended up liking the way the gold and red came together. It gave the look a hint of nobility to it. As if he lead armies into battle against dragons. Completing the look took some time as I first needed to finish a lot of Heart of Thorns material in order to get the Dragonhunter longbow Ydalir. I also had to patiently wait for the Fire-Breathing Quiver to return in order to get the perfect quiver for this look. I think the fire glow matches everything else. I then had to go through the entire meta event again in order to find the perfect location in order to do the photoshoot.

But it was well worth it.


Fashion Guru
Very unusual armor mix! Although at second glance I am bothered by some things. I don't know if these pants are really the best choice (they look too classic to me). Dragonhunter Bow and gloves are perfect for your look. Braham's Warhelm makes this even more interesting, but I don't like this fur in light color (I see that you apply frost color to other armor parts too, only... I think some brown tone would look better). I'm not sure about boots either.
As for your screens - there's too much background and too little character.
That's why I don't give gold. Sorry, but only silver
2019-08-11 1:21

Fashion Guru
Too little character? I tried to fit him in the middle of most of the screens. I slid the camera controls all the way to the left like people keep saying I should.

I went with Braham's helmet due to the horns. I felt it fit the dragon hunting them and complimented the gauntlets. The look actually does incorporate brown tones (Oil Slick). The Fluff color was used to highlight smaller details that brown would cover-up, such as the jewel on the pants, the joints on the shoulder piece and then the fur. I tried to color the fur but it really didn't look good in a non-white color.

I tried other pants but honestly the straight legged pants never look right to me. The classic look is what I enjoy about the ones I opted to use. I tried several boots but many of them clipped with the pants. I felt these boots were more rugged in appearance and the glow the emitted did a good job of complimenting the character's glow, though I didn't take any screens at night due to the meta.
2019-08-11 8:53 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
Maybe I said it wrong or you misunderstood me... The character doesn't stand out enough from the background. If your armor wasn't red, I wouldn't really perceive your character (I don't criticize character size, only placement)... For example, your pictures at your Scion of War are much better, would say some of them even perfect (there is character in the foreground!)
That you use the color frost/fluff, as mentioned, also for other parts, I saw, only the other details are not really visible (too small?), only fur on helmet shines in white. As trousers I would use something rough.
I've been thinking longer about whether your look is worth gold, because that's unusual and I like that...
2019-08-11 12:26 in reply to Dace

Fashion Guru
I really don't see what you see. For me, the character is clearly placed and stands out fairly well. Especially considering how red and gold he is compared to the browns in the background. *shrugs*

And yeah, the other parts with the fluff are small but they are visible if you look in several pictures. Like I said it shows up on the joints of the shoulder plates and the round jewel of the pants. And as I said, I did try other pants but they never meshed with the look. As I said I don't like most of the straight-legged pant looks for heavy armor. Having tried other pants before settling on this one I'm confident in saying that a rougher look wouldn't really work well for what I was going for here. If it had I would have gone with them.
2019-08-13 6:50 in reply to Frans

Odinson the 9th
im a bit underwhelmed
2019-08-25 4:47