Elemental Spark

By Dace on January 21st, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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Only a handful of people have the magical talent to channel conflicting elements at once. Even a rarer set can make it look like child's play.

I really love the Weaver Antipodes and had been hoping to work that into a look for some time now. My first attempt was a mess. I think this look is much much better. I also wanted to make use of the Elemental Sword. The pair seemed like a natural fit. Not sure why they don't make it availible more often as it is the perfect Weaver weapon and compliments the Weaver Antipods. Warp Blade looks cool and all but the Elemental sword is the true Weaver weapon. For this look I also decided to go with other elemental based weapons. Both the staff and scepter have a water and fire weapon. So I went with Tsunami for the scepter and then Emberspire for the staff as opposed to using Combuston and Moonson. I also think Silence of One Thoushand Years, the Spellbreaker dagger, also makes for a good Weaver weapon. The core of the dagger changes colors that almost look like colors one might use to represent elements and so it seemed like a great selection.

I had spent a lot of time tinkering with this look. The Flame Legion pants are very thematic. I also like the way the metal plate looks like it's on fire. The buttons on the Trickster Vest were hard to work with. Never looked right in my opinion. However, I do like it's more biker look. I had considered making use of the Primitive Cowl which also kinda pushed this whole biker attitude but I declined. I initially went with the Trickster's Mask but after a while, I came to dislike it. The colors on it never looked right, likely due to the size. The Orchid Helm on the other hand kinda made the look cuter. The Stately boots were the finishing touch that pulled it all together.

Colors was another problematic part. I initially had the look blue. The boots were the same color and the metal plate was the same color as it is now. The problem with the blue is that it clashed with the orange thread. Eventually, I just embraced the fire of the look, ditching the attempt to have a balance between fire and water. I kept the water elements as highlights, the scarf around her neck, the gloves, and the helm being the only elements to keep the blue water tones. So red, yellow, and orange was in order to make the look more fire like in appearance. Was finally happy with the result.

The screens were shot in this little grotto in the Auric Basin. Had a nice waterfall and everything.


The harmony of colours is not flashy and very nice. That's inspiring for an adventurous elementalist, thanks and congrats !
2019-07-20 12:02

Fashion Guru
2019-07-27 21:37 in reply to Jadalcy