By alizea_reena on July 1st, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Town Clothes
Color: Grey
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One of my favourite outfits, simple and lore friendly.


Fashion Guru
I don't know if you'll find fans for presentations like this.
This is about fashion in GW2 and imaginative and original styling. This includes interesting armor/weapons mix and coloring, nice screens and maybe a background story.
Using an outfit designed by Anet means 0 ideas and 0 creativity...
2019-07-01 8:07

First of all thank you for your opinion on it, those first ones were more to show color palettes as I frequently hear people saying that they don't really succeed to make something original with those outfits, except very common color combos. I planned to post more armors when I'll have more time to make proper screenshots of it.
Using an outfit could be creative for the colors or the weapons you match with it, it's just a bit more challenging to make it unique in its way as you can't change any piece.
2019-07-15 3:23 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
What you do and how you do it is up to you...
For dye job I can recommend reddit site (https://www.reddit.com/r/GuildWarsDyeJob/), there you can find more like-minded people.
2019-07-15 6:34

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