A Girl with a TRUMPET

By ieva on June 10th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Orange
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8 1
2 0
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It's nobody's business what I do with my life. Nobody can tell me what to do or what not to do. I really live for the day. No appointments that I have to keep. Nobody waiting for me and no obligations. But my life also has other sides... Music is everything in my life: During the day I compose songs on the trumpet and in the evening I perform as a street musician.

Street music happens by the way. Together with other acoustic events such as traffic noise, loudspeaker announcements or step noises, but also birdsong and wind noise, it belongs to the sound of the big city. She is courting the attention of hurried, stress-driven city dwellers and is not choosy: her audience consists of representatives of all social classes from the homeless to the manager, of small children, students, employees and pensioners, tourists and locals, who have nothing in common but the term by which they are called - passers-by.
Tonight, Lion's Arch is empty - no passers-by. I played at the Grand Piazza, was at Trader's Forum, now last try - Fort Marriner. Sighing, I lower my trumpet and sit down on the floor. Suddenly a coin lands clinking in my trumpet case. Confused, I look up. I didn't play anything and I doubt anyone would give me a few coins out of pure pity. Somehow I can't believe my eyes, Evon Gnashblade himself stands in front of me. He holds a business card and talks about engagement for music evening in Black Lion Vaults.
Thist is my Story (*inspired by Orchestral Rifle)
It's not so easy with leather armor, but I wanted to miss a summer outfit for my thief. I thought of sandals, naked legs, a dress. ANet hasn't even planned for something like this for leather fashion. But VoilĂ . The shoulder and gloves is the most summery thing I found in my wardrobe. Sunglasses Skin I unfortunately do not have and Celebration Hat to the dress would also not be optimal.
As for the colors, I have adapted something to weapon and stronger orange shade should spread good mood :)
I hope you like my girl with trumpet
Weapon: Orchestral Rifle


Fashion Guru
On some screens she even sees how she leads trumpet to mouth. Very well done
2019-06-11 12:46

I'm glad :) Thank you
2019-06-11 16:43 in reply to Frans