Rustic Ranger

By Anansi on May 18th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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1 6
1 0
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The Duelist coat is my favorite chest wear. I really want to go back to black and purple, so I really need to preserve this color scheme as the grey and brown look awesome.


I love this look. I think you chose a great armor combo, that reminds me undoubtedly of pirates. The color palette is also amazingly well done. Love the touch that the boots give to the overall look.

Though I think you could have a couple more screenshots and in different places and with a different weapon. Mainly in core Tyria where you can find some rustic infrastructure that go well with your look. You could also try various poses and play with the camera angles to achieve the best of screenshots.

Anyway, it's a solid look. Well done. Silver :)
2019-05-20 8:57

Fashion Guru
It's a solid presentation of the Duelist coat. It grabs attention at the centre piece. Other details (gloves, shoulders, leggings) are subdue but complement the period outfit really well. My first impression was "Robin Hood - Keira". Overall, I like it. My only nitpick is the boots, rather out of place.
2019-05-20 15:55

Fashion Guru
I feel like you accomplished something pretty difficult in this game. You managed to take an early-game chestpiece and make it look honestly really compelling with complimenting armor pieces and a really solid dye job.

Unfortunately the scoring system is based on specific elements of the presentation, and I see you tend to favor very practical screenshots over the wow factor. Which is fine, but it keeps me from giving you the gold I feel you deserve for the outfit composition.
2019-08-07 9:36