Mummy Wraps

By Anansi on September 10th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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After having been offline for 7 months..I really wanted to preserve this look before I change it.

It feels dark and misty with and I do not know what I was thinking but the green medallions are an interesting touch.

It is hard to remember where I was going with this so many months later, but coming back to it was a fun surprise. This is one of my least used build templates; so I am sure this was half built.

OK...three browsers later, I can only conclude that GW2 Style is no longer being supported due to every armor submission erroring out. Guess it is not really supported any longer so I will just type in my pieces and dyes

Head: Leystone Cowl - Shadow Abyss
SHoulders: Avian Mantle Shadow Anyss, Morning Sea, Shadow Abyss
Chest: Corsair Jerkin - Murky Grey, Cinders, Shadow Abyss, Morning Sea
Leystone Gloves - Shadow Abyss, Shadow Abyss
Illustrious Breeches - Vintage Silver, Cinders, Murky Grey, Oasis
Incarnate SHoes Shadow Abyss, Charred, Morning Sea
Winter Monarch Cape Abyssal Sea. Abyssal Sea, Murky Grey, Sea Frost


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