The DUCHESS of Etheron Bastion*

By ieva on April 23rd, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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* This location which were available only for a limited time and are currently not accessible: Point of interest Etheron Bastion war im Etheron Hills (Red Alpine Borderlands). Since the 22 June 2016 update, the Red Alpine Borderlands are no longer accessible
On the hills there were no mounts, no dogs barking and growling, no knights fighting in the yard. Even the guards' footsteps seemed strangely subdued as they walked through the bright stone halls. She could hear the sighing and groaning of the wind that was blowing around the towers, but that was all.
As the rising sun shone in through the windows, she sat up in bed and lolls. In the night it had become cold. When winter keeps us under control, it will get even worse, she thought. In winter it is as cold here as a crypt.
She walked barefoot through the room and sneaked out. The stone under her feet was icy, the wind was strong, as always up here, but the view made her forget all that for half a heartbeat.
Beautiful. The snow-clad Etheron Hills peak towered above her, a giant of stone and ice, beside which the bastion on his shoulder looked like a dwarf. Icicles six metres long hung over the edge of the rock face.
She laid her hands on the stone parapet and forced herself to look over the edge. Over a hundred metres below, she could see the Blue World Border, the winding path that led past the Bluelake Tower with trebuchets, shield generators and the south-eastern supply depot - the Bluewater Lowlands - to the bottom of the valley. She saw the dolyak supply caravans crawling up the hill like ants, and the soldiers outside the Bluelake Tower walls looking for enemy attackers. And so the whole snow-covered valley with its forests and rivers and fields lay spread out before her in the morning light. The sun shone on the Etheron Hills and made them shine like gold.
This is my Story (*inspired by WvW)
The outcome for this look was Crimson Lion weapons, since over time many skins have accumulated. Since I spend a lot of time in WvW, I wanted to do a styling with Triumphant (Hero's) armor parts. After I tried some armor mix, I stayed with the simplest version of pants and advanced version of shoes (the final version shimmers too blueish). Matching the weapons is the classic gold/white colored armour with some red accents on pants and back. The helmet, the boots and pauldrons pick up the tips of Wafen. I also deliberately didn't choose the final version of the back item, because it seemed too overloaded to me.
With some color correction, I can imagine using some other weapons as well, since the look itself is quite simple and can be combined well.
I hope you like my new styling
Back Item: AgentĀ“s Pack


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