The undercover AGENT

By ieva on March 19th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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The soothing voice belonged to a narrow figure in golden purple Longwest. She had quietly pressed open the door of the house they were standing in front of with her elbow and had obviously been listening for a while. She wore a turban on her head, and her hands were in gloves with traces of blood. At the same moment a gust of wind made the barrier tape rustle. The young woman shivered and pulled her shoulder up... All eyes were on her. And in all these eyes a question could be read: who is she? Accomplice, victim or double agent?

__________________________________ The agent is sent from Lion's Arch to Vabbi to find and eliminate a traitor. She is part of a special unit of the Order of Whispers and a specialist in espionage and covert operations. With skill, ruthlessness and good looks, she is one of the most respected spies of the Order. Once in Elona, she joins Order of the Sunspears and finds the traitor, but fulfilling her mission is not as easy as it seemed. Far away from the battlefields of war, a battle of the secret services rages and Agentin must decide for which side she puts her life at risk.
This is my Story (*inspired by Banners of the Sunspear)
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With this look I tried to breathe new life into Whisper's Secret Longvest :) With some fresh details like Spearmarshal's Leggings or Corsair Turban I try to "modernize" my look a bit. I didn't want to cover the shoulders so I used Racing Scarf which looks like loose turban fabric ends. In addition I have added Back Item Banners of the Sunspear and adjusted the colors accordingly. So I created something like a double agent in Elona. I had an idea with a double agent (as a thief), because the Sunspears, which are still loyal to the Order of the Sunspears, hide in the underground, constantly fleeing. Their spearheads formed them into daggers to hide them more easily. Since Palawa Joko prohibited the use of spears and killed everyone who wore them, as well as the sun spear symbols.
I hope you like that.
Weapons: Funerary Dagger & Funerary Staff
Back Item: Banners of the Sunspear


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