By ieva on March 7th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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She and her mother stalked a big bear in the forest. They knew it was a dangerous hunt, but the winter had been exceptionally harsh and their food supplies were almost depleted. The fear of starvation frightened them more than any creature in the forest. Without warning, the bear reared its head, screamed and galloped wildly at them. The whole world seemed to tremble under the trampling paws of the giant creature, and she was paralyzed with fear. The bear came so close that she could see the murderous rage in his eyes. Then her mother jumped between her with her axe raised. She gave a mark-shattering scream as the bear impaled her with his claw and lifted her into the air. Again and again she let the axe with all her strength race down on the bear's skull as it tried to shake it off. The animal collapsed.
She was too small to move her mother's maltreated body, so she sat next to her in the clearing. In order to distract her from the painful sounds of the dying bear, her mother held her firmly in her arms and hummed her favourite song. So they sat, while the hunter and the bear slowly became calmer and colder, until she was all alone in the silent forest. At some point she pulled herself together and embarked on the long journey home.
She was still a child, but knew enough about life in the forest to survive. She followed her instincts and became one with the wilderness. Over the years she became stronger and perfected her hunting skills. The more she became a dangerous predator, the more her humanity sank into vague dreams.

This is my Story (*inspired by Elegant Leatherworker's Backpack)
This look is a bit older (had too little time to put this here). The idea came with Elegant Leatherworker's Backpack. Carrying a dead bear on your back is a bit unusual. That's why this is not a "normal" hunter, but a brutal, ruthless character. To strengthen the impression I used different parts of armor with bones (and coat smeared with some "blood"). My first choice for headgear was Rascal Mask (penultimate screen). Unfortunately this has cliping errors and doesn't look nice.
At the photoshoot I wanted to show this mood, too, so I tried to take pictures with grim facial expressions.
I hope that I succeeded in that and you like my brutal poacher
Weapons: Beastslayer Staff & Fang of Mokèlé
Elegant Leatherworker's Backpack


I want to start off by saying I love the outfit, enjoyed the story, wonderful screenshots to match, and the dye choices are on point! The only thing I'm a tad confused on and am left wondering about is the "Poacher" moniker. How does one hunt illegally in...the wild..where there aren't exactly hunting licenses and defined preserves that are illegal to hunt in?I get the idea of a brutal character, but they'd still be a hunter unless they were hunting on someone else's property, but if she sticks to the wilderness, odds are, it's not anyone's land in Guild Wars.
2019-03-07 11:29

My English is bad:) Maybe it's because no name knows what fits better. What's behind it - "normal" hunter is for me Norn or Ranger with animal companion. He lives in harmony with nature. I tried to depict a woman here, who is not only a brutal outsider - she kills because she feels a desire for murder.
2019-03-07 11:50 in reply to Roman_Mandracchia

That's totally fair, but on the same token, a ranger isn't the same as a hunter. A hunter is literally just "Someone who hunts" Why and how they do it doesn't entirely matter. It doesn't take anything away from what you've put together here, just a question I had was all. Very well done, friend. =)
2019-03-07 15:12 in reply to ieva