By ieva on March 6th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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The auction room was on the third floor. Wood-panelled walls, a dozen rows of chairs and a man at the door who ticked off the names on the registration list with a rolling smile. She accepted the catalogue he handed her and stepped on one of the windows. A forest of towers and behind them the Great Lakes, like mirrors of silver. She had only arrived at Lions Arch from Free City of Amnoon in the morning, a journey that would have taken her weeks in a carriage. Beneath her, the sunlight caught in walls of glass and gilded roofs. This world could easily take on the beauty of the one behind the mirror, but it was homesick.
She sat down in one of the chairs and looked at the faces that surrounded her. Many knew her: Antique dealers, museum curators, art collectors. Treasure hunters like them, only that the treasures of this world had no other magic than age and beauty.
The auction catalogue showed the bottle, the trace of which she had followed so far, between the teapot of a Canthan emperor Kisu and the silver toy of a Vabbian king's son. She looked so inconspicuous that she hopefully would not find any other bidders. Her dark glass protected a shell of worn leather and the neck was sealed with a wax seal.
"Bottle of elonic origin, early century", was the word below the photo. She had described the bottle herself when she sold it to an antique dealer in Divinity's Reach. She had thought it very amusing at the time to make her inhabitant harmless in this way. Behind the mirror it could be deadly to free him, but in this world he was as harmless as trapped air, a nothing behind dark brown glass.
The bottle had changed owners several times since it was sold. It had taken her almost a month to find it again. She wanted her bottle of genie in the bottle back...

This is my Story
Ingame there are many beautiful things (vases, pictures, furniture etc.) with antique appearance. With PoF something with Arabic flair has been added. Since some things can be used as deco for GH, and Trading Post work like auctions, I used the idea for my presentation.
I tried to create some antiquated and bizarre look for my Norn Ranger. My look is inspired by morning dress or cutaway (the cutaway consists of a grey or black jacket, black and grey striped (stresemann) trousers, black shoes, a light grey or coloured vest)... She had wasted many months searching for the wrong things, selling and not afraid of forgeries if she brings enough gold. She is hard at trading, even with Evon Gnashblade.
My weapon choice was Gargoyle Weapons, which also look somewhat antique and curious and, I think, complemented quite well this look.
I hope you like her and wish you a lot of fun!
Unused Screens:
Weapons: Gargoyle Greatsword & Gargoyle Staff


I thought her sword was a rifle. amazing look btw
2019-03-23 13:17