BĂȘte Noire

By Dace on July 3rd, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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Having completely recovered from his wounds received when confronting Scarlet Briar Kexue found himself listless. He had lost a friend he considered dear to him, no matter what she had done. There was nothing as pressing as slaying a dragon to occupy his time or to throw himself into. In the meantime, the Nightmare Court had become more and more dangerous. Their alliance with a group of pirates that needed to be cleared out of Twilight Arbor made it clear that something needed to be done. Caithe and Trahearne felt that Kexue was the perfect man for the job. Donning a variation of the Nightmare's court own armor Kexue, and his trusty fern hound Iris, went to work .....

The literal translation is black beast but it can also mean something that is to be avoided. It has also been used from time to time to be a nightmare and in this armor this is what Kexue was to the Nightmare Court, giving them a taste of their own medicine. One of my goals was to get all of the Sylvari related armors (not including Outfits as I don't care too much for most of the Outfits). The Nightmare Court was the last on my list. This one was difficult to dye. I had a lot of trouble with dying this one for my Revenant. There seemed to be this brown mix that I can't get rid of and so I'm still unhappy with that one. I'm also unhappy that I can't find a mix or match for that one either. This one, on the other hand, worked out differently.

Red is one of my favorite colors but as I toyed around with the dye it turned out reds stood out the most. From there I made a few adjustments. The only helmet I have liked for the Sylvari armors has been the Evergreen one. So this was a natural choice. I also liked the shoulder piece for it. I opted for the Nightshade gloves and boots. I have never used the Nightshade pieces as I do not like the chest and leggings but an armor set designed to go on the hunt, it worked well for that. The spiked armguards and boots were a perfect fit.

When it came time to dying it I, of course, used red as the base. I wanted kinda a spectrum mix so it went red, greyish, and then whitish, For the chest and legging silver worked well. For the helmet and shoulder guards, it was cinder which combined with the orange and red made it look like burnt leaves. Only the boots and gloves broke from this pattern with it being red, grey, more red. But the channels came out well so I'm happy. I completed the look with Warden pistol, shield, and sword.

The pictures are a step up!!!! On my cowboy look, the commenter said that it looked good but that the resolution was cringe-worthy. I took that as a challenge to up my game. So I just kicked the graphics up to MAX!!!!! and god damn was that amazing. It made my computer as slow as molasses in the winter but I think you'll agree that these screenshots look better than previous ones. I did a handful of action shots, as is my habit, but it was not nearly as many as I normally do. I do mix in some regular ones though. The graphics on the laptop I used for the screenshots is slightly better than the one I normally use and so while they weren't as good as the early ones they do seem workable. I opted to take screenshots at Nightmare Court strongholds in the Caeldron Forest. I had intended to tour all of the Nightmare Court locations but I figured the higher the overall level the more likely I'd die while taking screenshots. Though the bloopers from when I missed due to the lag between when I saw the attack coming and when I actually responded is amusing.


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