Kexue, Texas Ranger

By Dace on June 11th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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I love cowboys, which is why I'm lucky to be from Texas. Even better I grew up in Fort Worth Texas, a city that has embraced it's cowboy roots. Our city has two museums dedicated to the history of cowboys, one of which is a cowgirl museum. I was originally going to name this one Ranger Kexue, as Texas has a state police force called the Texas Rangers (not to be confused with the baseball team with the same name and also local to the Dallas/Fort Worth area). Rangers are badass. Think of them as a mixture of Texas's very own FBI and Secret Service mixed with some spec ops. They were originally a military unit during the Texas war for independence. So of course at some point I had to make a cowboy outfit. So instead I made a call out to Chuck Norris's show about the Texas Rangers, Walker Texas Ranger

It was kinda easy kinda not. With all the coats available there are no formal dusters, a trench coat like coat but with a slit up the back so you could ride a horse. The Rascal chest piece is a bit bulky but it's belt buckle made it a great pick for a cowboy theme. I actually hate the Rascal set when I first got the armor. I went with Sneakthief pants because they actually look like chaps when you have that big coat and the boots covering the more ninja-like elements. The coat didn't need a shoulder piece. I looked at several of them that looked kinda nice but at the end of the day going bare was the best bet. Boots were rough. There are no real good cowboy boots, nothing with a good Cuban heel for men. There are a handful that looked decent enough but I eventually settled on the Prowler boots due to the decorative top. Finally, there are no good hats that look like a cowboy hat. But the Marauder's helm did a good enough job of at least making him look like a train robber! The gloves I just decided to use the Firstborn gloves. There really wasn't any gloves that look like leather gloves that I wanted. There were some close seconds but I liked that the Firstborn gloves had this little glow, which I made white to match his natural bioluminance

Weapons were a bit tricky too. There are no non Ascended revolver pistol. There are several of varying colors that are Ascended, and a goal I am looking forward to getting, but there are no non Ascended ones. The same was true for a rifle. There are Ascended rifles that look like a Winchester but not non Ascended. However, Ruinmaker is a very good replacement. I had considered doing two Ruinmakers but since the only time I fired the second pistol was for flames I instead opted to use the flame pistol. When it came to the rifle I had considered several skins but finally decided that Shiverpeak Arquebus is the best skin to go with.

I opted for more earthy and brown colors for this look. I intend to redo the look for my Thief and with her I intend to use a lighter tone. I also will likely give her matching pistols. But by the time I get around to doing this look again with my Thief I hope I have the proper pistol and rifle set. I lucked out on the location for taking pictures. I didn't know that the desert WvW map actually had parts that had a real western look. I played around on that map earlier in the week and it was mostly tropical jungle like area and then just molten lava hellscape. But there was this lion statue that I thought would make a good location. So when I was moving around the map and I found cactus I knew I had lucked out. I made sure to get day and night pictures. With my Sylvari I always like to get night photos for their glow.

I hope everyone enjoys the look


Not bad, even though I get the creeps from the very low graphics, I think your effort and what you wanted to achieve with the theme is 100% in point. I like where you took the pictures, the idea with the coat and that you took very simple skins for the whole thing. Well done on that. With better graphics I am sure it would look even better :)
2018-06-12 17:03

Fashion Guru
Like a better graphics card or just uping the graphics when I take the screenshots? I'm still new to the whole process.
2018-06-14 8:08 in reply to hecki91