Knight of the Thorn

By Dace on May 21st, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Kexue is my first Guild Wars 2 character. I've been playing him since the game came out. He's an Engineer, with the profession being the reason I got the game in the first place. Since I have recently discovered this site I'm likely to dump a lot of pics :D. This isn't the original look for him. He was originally brown, I think. I took a two-year break and came back and saw that the Make Over station had a lot of newer colors and so I revamped and updated his look. There is a backstory about why his look changed but that's a story for another post. In this set Kexue is working his Holosmith Elite. I simply love it. The sword was a perfect addition to this profession. It also inspired me to use the shield which I had not used since the early levels of the game. I'll update later though with pics of him using his rifle and I think pistols? I'm not sure I used pistols with him while he was wearing this outfit.

The Sylvari are my favorite species in the game. I have three right now and been thinking about a fourth. Truth be known, I've always liked plant-based life forms in games. So those Neti from Star Wars, yeah biiiiigggg fan of them. I also happen to love all the culture armors. Well .... most of them. I've been toying with them a lot lately and most of my toons have at least one set. Right now I'm working with the basic sets and toying with colors before I branch out and start mixing and matching different pieces.

For this one, I wanted an autumn look. I needed something different after my first attempt with this character in cultural armor (Firstborn that I'm not too proud of but will post later). So I wanted the colors to be darker at the top and then work their way down to simulate the changing colors in leaves during the fall. For the hands, shoulders, and helmet I added a bit of white to simulate freshly burned leaves and to add just a touch of lightness to the darker shades. I honestly got lucky on the weapon combo for this. Initially, I didn't like shields (I'm discovering that playing Elites has given me a new appreciation for a whole range of weapons I never toyed with before). So I was being very picky with the shields. When I bought this shield I wasn't 100% sold on it. However, when I found the rapier the shield just made an awesome choice That rapier is really awesome to look at with the Holosmith move set.

Feedback is always nice. I know I can improve my color technique and what not.


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