Darkflame Wizard

By Xharyel on March 29th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Orange
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In Divinity's Reach, there was once someone who went by the name of Ignacio. He was a wonderful spellcaster who excelled at fire magic. At the age of 9 he already understood the concept of fire, while at the age of 15 his comprehension of the fire laws went against common sense. Although he was lacking in other elements, he still managed to impress the mass. But at the end of the day, fire was still his specialty.

His talent made him cocky. He came from a rich family and was naturally arrogant so he was used to look down on others, it was a second nature to him. He considered himself as a proud son of heaven.

One day, however... He lost everything. He couldn't harmonize himself with the natural laws, he couldn't use magic ! He seemed to have lost his potential.

"W-what happened to me ?!" Ignacio was scared to death, without his talent, without magic, what could he do ?

"Heh, I knew he was just a poser. Such a fraud !"

"Don't be too harsh, I guess that's just his limit, haha."

A lot started to mock him as he offended several people because of his attitude. This was the lowest point in his life, his "friends", his "family", everyone just tossed him aside, as if he had no value anymore.

"Very well... I'll remember this...!" he muttered while glaring at the city. He quietly left. This experience made him humble, he didn't dare act nor talk big anymore. He just couldn't.

One day, while travelling, he met an Engineer, Tex. The two of them started to befriend each other and Tex quickly learned about the situation of Ignacio. His eyes started to shine, there were only a few things that could sparkle his interest, but this case definitely did. A genius losing all his power without any notice ? Hah ! Such nonsense was truly interesting to this madman named Tex !

"So ? You were a skilled Elementalist but lost everything in one day ? Did you find or feel anything unusual on your body ?" asked Tex excitedly.

"Hmm not that I recall. Ah. Wait, now that you mention it, I do indeed feel something weird on my back."

"Let me see ?"

As Ignacio showed his back, Tex was shocked. There was like something growing on his back, though he didn't know what, it was the first time he had seen something like this !

"What the hell ?! What's that ?" he exclaimed.

"What ? What is it ?!" Ignacio started to panick.

"Huh, how should I say it, there's some weird thing growing on your back, it's tiny but I can feel some fluctuation, like it's alive. How fascinating !" he clearly was smiling while adding :

"Well, at least it doesn't seem to hurt your life, haha, come with me and my friends, let's explore Tyria, we might find something related to this ! As a matter of fact, I also have some things to research, what do you say ?"

"Sigh... Fine, I'll go with you, it's not as if I have anywhere else to go anyway..." Ignacio said, clearly dejected. He had no choice. He was still an intelligent person, while he was scared of the thing on his back, he's been with it for a few months already, so he could only accept it...

After a few years of travel, Ignacio, Tex and his friends indeed found a few things. Especially some things related to the Mursaats.

"Atavism !" exclaimed Tex.

"You're about to reach some form of atavism ! The thing on your back has been growing ever since we've known each other, don't you think it looks like the thing on the Mursaat's back ?"

"W-what ? How could it be ? I thought the Mursaat disappeared a long time ago !"

"I have a theory, maybe one of your Ancestor had.. You know. A thing going on, leaving you with some Mursaat's bloodline. Then one day, your power was so strong that it somehow awoken it, hence all of your magic "disappeared", in fact, it might be more correct to say that it was used to develop that thing on your back. That would also explain why you're so talented as a spellcaster ! Although I've never seen you in action, hahaha."

"..." Ignacio was speechless. What Tex said was so crazy, but it somehow made sense.

"Well, just wait a few years, maybe you might be able to help us in this war."

"Yeah..." That's right, he could only wait. He remained silent and started to ponder about something.

"Thank you Tex. And thanks everyone. I will remember this favor and everything you've done for me, but this is where we shall part ways. I'll come find you at the right time." Ignacio decided to leave the group as he knew he was just a burden at the moment.

He decided to deepen his knowledge about magic, although he couldn't practice, he could at least know some theoritical knowledge, and if what he had was indeed a form of atavism, then wouldn't he be able to turn this knowledge into reality ?

A few years passed and the thing on his back was glowing more than ever. Suddenly...

"Uuurgh !"

Wings ! Wings made of dark matter had appeared on his back...!

"So he was right..." Ignacio started to grin.

Swoosh ! Boom ! He just threw a fireball.

"Haha.. Hahaha ! It's back ! My magic is back !"

His power was indeed restored, more than that, it became even more powerful ! There was even a hint of darkness mixed with his fire.

"Ignacio was the named given to me by those traitors... Ignacio is now dead."

Like a Phoenix who experienced rebirth, his mentality changed. He was no longer the cocky brat he was in the past. He knew the feeling of being helpless, powerless, weak.

"Darkflame... A fiery light flame of hope born from the pit of darkness and despair... Quite a fitting name."


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Pretty! All fits together and I found it original, first time I see someone with Mursaat-inspired look. Gold from me.
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Quite menacing....bue shoulders....
2018-04-03 8:32