Purplewave Engineer

By Xharyel on March 29th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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Rata Sum. The magnificent capital of the Asura. A place where technology, discovery and magic are at the forefront of everyday's life.

It was naturally a place that attracted geniuses, researchers and of course madmen. A human engineer, surnamed "Tex" was often seen there conversing with locals, sharing theories while pursuing absolute strenght.

At a time of war, some would be scared senselss, some would be anxious, some would even lose their mind, while others, like Tex would feel excited.

It was only when Tyria faced the threat of the Elder Dragons that he somehow decided to make his move. Tex was considered a genius by his peers, but also a madman because of his crazy theories....

"It should work, why does no one believe me...? I'll definitely prove them wrong...!"

Tex thought with his lips curving up in a grin.

His ancestor, who apparently was a big shot in the past left him an inheritance. A gemstone that was past down generation after generation. Although it looked like an ordinary jewel, its purple radiance didn't dim at all throughout the eons...

In the present times, how many people knew that back in the old era, countless people in Tyria fought for it ?

To this day, only a handful of person would recognize this gem at sight.

It was a margonite gemstone.

Tex knew it well. With the help of his friends, he searched for everything he could in the whole continent of Tyria, anything related to the Margonite.

He knew that the Margonites possessed endless power and were feared throughout the Three Realms. And with this gemstone in his possession, he wanted to extract its power and somehow use it to enhance his own strenght.

Such was the life of an Engineer. To research, experiment and come up with a solution.

One year... Two years... Three years...

"Why ?! Why isn't it working ? Could I really be wrong ?"

Tex mused. After countless years, there wasn't a bit of progress.

"I refuse ! I refuse to believe it ! Again !"

He didn't want to give up. No. He couldn't. Giving up now would leave a scar in his mind, galvanizing the heart demons within him. He had to stay true to himself and pursue his own way.

Two years later...

"Ha... Haha... Hahahaha ! I did it ! I finally did it !"

Five years. It was the amount of time it took so he could find a way to extract the core essence of the margonite gemstone. Without wasting any time, he directly started the process of infusion.

Parts of his armor started to radiate a faint purple glow... Suddenly...

"BOOM !"

An explosion occured in his lab followed by a purple wave. The infusion was complete. His armor, his weapon... They exuded an aura that was long lost with the passage of time.

"Let's call it Purplewave..."

Tex thought while grinning. His naming sense was never good, but he liked it...

It was now time for him to venture across Tyria, forge his legend and carve his name in the history of the Three Realms.


Fashion Collector

I cannot rate this awesome outfit without a story, mate. If it's not a hassle for you, please add something interesting and I shall rate it accordingly. Delete current desription and give your Purplewave Engineer justice!

He deserves it!
2018-04-02 15:24

Done. I tried my best, it's a bit tough for me as I'm not used to write stories, especially in english since it isn't my first language... Haha. At least I tried !
2018-04-02 18:50 in reply to RASCALLON

Fashion Collector
Oh god. That was in a sense beautiful, and since my most favourite character in Gw is Scarlet, I can definitely feel the madness he was in. Scarlet was trying to do the same but in the process of doing so, she unleashed the Jungle dragon, died, and who knows if her machinations and goals were pursued as envisioned from the beggining. Your Engineer, on the other hand, managed to keep his sanity at check and did what was needed of him--to finish his experiment.

Your whole look is stunning. The colour palette is well chosen to embody the harsh time of experimenting. I can't really say which screen is my favourite, because most of them simply look awesome. The Ardent parts compliment the whole look in the most positive way and his helmet--even tho futuristic--fits perfectly to the whole thing.

The choice of weapon is also very intriguing, since I haven't seen many looks use it effectively. You not only did it, but you gave justice to it in the most possible way.

Since you have no shiny legendary poking out of somewhere, I love it even more. It's easy to make a look around Legendary weapon, but sometimes it's trickier to even use some of the normal looking weapons, such as the one you have, to utilize it's purpose.
You made it look 'Legendary'.

So to the rating. You absolutely deserve the praise, you stand out of crowd without any shiny. That's f*cking impressive. So yeah. Take it... TAKE THIS GOLD AND GET OUT YOU STUNNING LOOKING PURPLEWAVE AWESOMENESS! ;)
2018-04-02 23:44 in reply to Xharyel

Rascallon said it all....what an amazing look! Love it!!
2018-05-25 10:10

Hey! I love this outfit and I was wondering if you could send me character creation pictures (body shape etc.) Thanks so much!
2018-12-16 15:00

It would be great if you could send me mail in game. My name is "J pet" Thanks!
2018-12-16 15:01