Bloodmist Mesmer

By Xharyel on March 30th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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"Blood.. Blood... Blood ! Kill ! Kill ! Blood ! Kill !"

Such was the current mindset of the one known as Mahesvara. He was once a well known Mesmer in Divinity's Reach until one day when he just disappeared. No one knew where he was nor if he was still alive.

In fact, during a mission given by the Pact he stumbled across an unusual tombstone with a vibrant red gem on it. Once he touched it he was instantly teleported...

"S-shit ! It was a trap !" Mahesvara knew that the moment he touched the red gem that it was a bloodstone. Apparently it activated some sort of portal that brought him here.

"Blood Fiend Sect ? What the hell is that ? Where am I ? Is it still Tyria ? Or am I perhaps in the Mists ?!"

After calming down and analyzing the situation, there was a giant gate surrounded by mist, on top of it was written "Blood Fiend Sect". He instantly drew out his swords and started moving forward... After passing through the gate he saw piles of bones.

"What is this damn place ? I have to go back soon and tell the others about this... Such amount of bloodstone can't be something good...!"

He kept on going further to look for clues and of course, to get out of this messed up place. After walking for a few hours he finally found some sort of entrance... Once he entered he saw a blood pond. Wondering what it was, Mahesvara started to inspect it and slowly touched it with the tip of his sword.
Swoosh ! Swoosh ! Swoosh ! Suddenly, upon contact, the blood had a reaction and started invading his sword. He quickly dropped his sword after understanding what happened but it was too late.

"Aaaaaargh ! Nooo ! What is this blood ? Damn it ! Damn it all !" the blood had started invading his body, slowly entering in him just like a ghost who wanted to take possession of him.

A wave of intense pain spread throughout his body. Crack... Crack.. Crack. His bones started shattering, his muscles were tearing up, every part of his body was breaking apart. After a few moments, a weird process began, the crimson red blood started to reform his bones, his marrow and his every cells. It was the definition of creation comes after destruction.


Mahesvara was starting to lose his mind due to the pain. Until he just collapsed.


A few hours later he opened his eyes. If one looked closely, he would see a faint shade of blood deep into his eyes. His skin became dark, his body became stronger. It emanated a strong and thick killing intent. You could feel him brimming with vitality.

"What happened to me...?" he seemed to have regain his sanity, but he still couldn't suppress his weird thirst for blood...

"Blood...? I-I.. W-want to k-kill ? No.. I-I have t-to ? Uuurgh !"

Mahesvara was having a weird headache, his mind was filled with thoughts of murder... But he still managed to supress it.

"Am I b-back ?" after looking around, he saw that he came back to the place where he was just before touching the tombstone. But now, the tombstone was nowhere to be seen.

He had a weird feeling and started to inspect his body. His skin tone, his muscle, it didn't feel like him at all... Then he saw his face, there were blood marks all over his face giving the feeling of ancient runes.

"What is this ?! S-shit !"

He couldn't take it off... He was done for. Mahesvara thought for awhile and put on a mask on his face. After a few days, he did nothing but sit down and think. He stood up with a visible firm resolution.

"Blood Fiend Sect... Whatever it is... I'll find them... And I'll kill them all !" he thought while clenching his fists.

"But for now, there are more urgent matters... Also, I can't go back like this to the Pact... I shall just disappear, and act in the shadows..."

No one could see what expression he had because of his mask, but if one should guess, they would feel an aura of sadness, while still being fierce.

"I shall go by the name... Bloodmist."


Probs Kindof
We need to found bloodstone themed faction since there so many followers of that style x)
I become very happy every time i see this theme :D
2018-03-31 19:02

Include a non action, clear picture where you can see armour details with your posts. Riveting screen shots. Thanks
2018-04-01 7:51

Done. I posted screenshots of the characters' selection, hope that's enough. :)
2018-04-01 8:48 in reply to Hallon