Astral Archmage Returned From Exile

By RASCALLON on March 12th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: White
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28 2
2 0
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I have seen the First Light—I have walked the planes of Void.
I have witnessed a birth of Universe—to see it perish, I tried to avoid.
Everything is cloaked in consequence of time—like a porcelain doll—
I have seen the first kingdoms rise, just like I have seen them fall.

The banners of Light, of Hope and Order—a testament of Creator's will.
Always waving on Astral Plane’s border—a memory stuck on threadmill.
A dream of Universe covered in The Creator’s Light—the greatest bane,
like a moon illuminating the blackest night—a guardian of unseen pain.

My body no longer the same—I have seen too much,
I have fed on Astral Energy—none could endure such.
I have found a suitable host on this Physical Plane called Tyria,
a body of Baar Skaractus beaten only by time, not by the era.

My weapon a mere Creator's extension,
its core driven by his essence—his eternal reflection.
It was named after infinity, after the Astralaria,
it exists to grant peace to Universe—to make Utopia.

I have seen The Great Attractor—I have felt its true power.
What we fought eons ago, was but a fraction of its owner.
The destruction it brings is Universal—I can't let that be—
I have seen Admiral in my visions, she must be the key.

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Fashion Guru
This is stellar. Really great screenshots and an overall powerful theme. Well-realized, and well-executed. Incredible work!

I'm definitely intrigued by the poetic description. Really cool how much thought you've put into this!
2018-03-12 18:41

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much!

Well it took me like 2 months to get money on the infusion, Astralaria and some other equipment. I'm actually poor and I don't have all the mounts from the Adoption License, I was lucky to drop the Stargazer from the first try and that was the end of me gambling for more. :)
2018-03-13 1:41 in reply to Chiorydax

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
This is simply incredible. gold
2018-03-15 10:09

Fashion Collector
Much appreciated!
2018-03-15 17:00 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

Fashion Guru
Absolutely amazing. I want to do this on my sylvari now.
2018-03-18 13:39

Everything here is flawless - from the description to the screenshots. The Astralaria skin goes so well with the infusion and the starbound skin. It is really well done, I can see that you put a lot of thought (and work I imagine) into this look.

2018-03-18 15:19

Fashion Collector
Thanks for warm words.

I actually crafted Astralaria specifically for this look. There is going to be one more update of this look (with few extras I'm really looking forward to show) and one will be a drawn picture by Wilhengard (if he is up to the task, of course). He previously did a great job depicting Admiral and her fight against Kralkatorrik, so the next one is going to be much more... mindfuck-y. :)
2018-03-19 5:02 in reply to sevencat

Wow! Probably one of the best if not THE best style I have seen here so far. The screenshots are over the top amazing and the whole outfit just looks godly!! It's light armor but he looks way more impressive than a lot of actual heavy armor wearing warriors/guardians out there. Absolutely amazing work!
2018-03-19 6:40

Fashion Collector
What a high praise! Thank you very much, Sir. :)
2018-03-20 1:11 in reply to hecki91

Awesome to say the least! The colors, the theme, the writing and screenshots. You're truly a master of style!
2018-03-20 15:18

I'm loving this look!
The whole Celestial theme, actually.

Well freaking done! Gold!
2018-03-27 5:14

Hi, judging only from picture on the wiki, the infusion you used looks completely different, then just the blue celestial one. Did you combine or stack fusions, and what kind of skin tone did you use on the norn?
2018-08-23 4:20