Reanimated HMS Aurora Admiral Becoming The Astral Scorcher

By RASCALLON on January 9th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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10 3
2 0
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From the lost diary of HMS Aurora Admiral:

"... and in a few days, my stay on this Physical Plane, will soon reach 30--mortal--days. I remember the time when my flotilla fought the Great Attractor. The battle spanned across multiple Astral Planes and if I remember correctly, the main battle scorched numerous of them and made two of them clash. The Great Attractor, entity of not this Universe--nor reality--started creating slight movement changes to Astral constellations. We didn't knew then, why he was doing this sort of rearranging, but I knew for sure, we did a great mistake back then, to fight him on our turf. The event of two Astral Planes clashing is something so unprecedented, these mortals will never know the normal again. When it happened, it introduced this Physical Plane to new sorts of power. They were not suppose to know about it. Not now. It's a violation of everything we Astral Wardens stand for.

That's why killing beasts for a bounty is not something a ranked Astral Admiral should do. Ever since my crash on Domain of Istan, random memories, out of nowhere--the floating orbs might be at fault perhaps--started appearing in front of me, like some kind of hallucination. I see people, creatures cheering and chanting my name. Did it happen? Will it happen? I don't know yet, but I need answers soon. The hallucinations are taking me across this plane. Yesterday, after I liberated a lost sword from an ancient Istan tomb, I found an exit with a cliff. Something was suddenly forming behind me, as I stood there. A shadowy figure embalmed in green light. I watched it a while, until the light turned into thick blackness that created gravitational cracks around its edges--a strong hissing sound was being produced by the orbs--immediately I got sucked into the darkness and the next thing I know, I am somewhere... else.

And then I knew. The aberration created from the Astral Plane clash is lurking here, somewhere. I know my duty now. I'll save this Physical Plane--this mortal realm--from our mistake.

Kralkatorrik, you'll soon be released out of your misery."

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Great style you've created, and love how you've managed to incorporate the "Taimi communication location" with your look. Very nice! :D

Your use of colors is just perfect, as they complement the weapons and your backpack nicely.
I really like the story, being written as part of a diary. Great job on that!

If I had to place my finger on something I would do different then it would be the pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I love the images you’ve shared! However, you’ve stated in your description that Kralkatorrik is next, so maybe add some pictures of The Astral Scorcher hunting down and killing Branded? Seeing a little variety in the images would help, but that’s just my opinion…

2018-01-10 10:03

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much for this kind of reaction! Yeah I was totally stoked and when it was suddenly night I fell in love with that place.

With that in mind, I will actually listen to you and I will work on the next pictures. I wasn't sure about experimenting because a lot of aspects influence the outcome of screenshot taking. I was also thinking of making some screens with my mounts, but again, I feel like it would translate terribly to the whole lore I'm trying to create for this particular character.

Anyway, thank you again and I will add more images soon. o/
2018-01-10 10:15

That close-up image of you gliding is amazing!
Definitely brings more character to the Astral Scorcher with the recent images :)
2018-01-10 13:12 in reply to RASCALLON

Fashion Collector
So true, thank you for a great advice, From now on I will experiment more with future screenshots.

Cheers. :>
2018-01-10 14:46 in reply to LittleHammer

Dr Dark Matter Ryff
I think you should really give up some infusions, namely Diamond's (since Winter already gives you white skin+blue-ish eyes, aka white walker) and Aurora's since your "glow" color's meant to be a bright yellow (not purple).

Have you tried Warbeast parts also? I think they'd complement the golden armor parts a lot (especially the Salvaged Forged gloves).
2018-01-10 19:26

Fashion Collector
That's actually incorrect, I have both of them and Winters is nowhere near as good as Diamonds. The Winters one will make you white as you say, but it will give this "white" effect to every feature making it dull and weird.

The Aurora orbs, if you have read the story for her, are tightly connected to her lore.

Warbeast? Ummm... Check the helmet?

Anyway, thank you for your comment.
2018-01-11 0:27 in reply to Dr Dark Matter Ryff

Straight up love it. The colours! The story! Nice and flashy but for a reason! The glider looks so awesome with that combination of colours.
2018-01-15 8:21

Fashion Collector
Thank you fam, you can check her epic showdown with Kralkatorrik. The true Astral Scorcher in action. >:)
2018-01-15 10:47

Dude... what is this WHAT
I never seen anything that minimally resembles this look... Quite an original one!
I make your words my own: "Holy fuck, those are some awesome screenshots you got there, fam." Ahaha

All the armor pieces, weapons, backpiece, glider, everything matches! And it looks so damned cool and powerful.
Hands down, quite an awesome/fierce look you have here! GOLD!
2018-01-27 13:19

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much. :)
2018-02-05 20:47 in reply to sevencat