Reanimated HMS Aurora Admiral Turned Into Astral Bounty Hunter

By RASCALLON on December 16th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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18 2
2 0
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From the lost diary of HMS Aurora Admiral:

"... and then it happened. We lost the battle against joined forces of Lost Souls. If I remember correctly, we were on a mission of some kind. Were we investigating something? I don't know, my memory is hazy, it's all blurred.

My ship though. HMS Aurora. What a piece of--fine--craftmanship. My Aurora--she is gone. My crew... They all vanished--we lost everyone, no one survived--I think.

I remember a cry, someone was calling my name: "Admira--," suddenly, everything lost its colour. I looked down and my Astral body was impaled by something--must have been Soul Killer, but we hunted all of them down eons ago. I died. My body was reanimated shortly after, by the last mage standing. He sacrificed himself for me. Everything happened so quickly and then the rush of energy started. I was one with the particles around me. I stood up and without thinking, grabbed my sword; they must pay.

When I swung my sword, it made this strange hissing sound which formed some kind of orbs. The immense power these orbs produced--scary to even think about it--the whole Astral Plane was simply reduced to ash.

I woke up in a huge crater in this strange place. Physical Plane. Mortals I met call this part of their world, Domain of Istan. They say this place is infested with unkillable monsters. I don't know what this term--monster--means, but if it hurts creatures of Light, we Astral Wardens will keep them from harm. Until I remember more of my past, I will hunt down these--monsters. The order must prevail."

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Now this is cool! Is that new aura you're using?
2017-12-16 12:42

Fashion Collector
Well, the purple Aura is part of Legendary trinket called Aurora, it also includes the four floating orbs with occasional sparkles. The texture on skin is a new infusion that drops from Wintersday Gifts (implemented this year, Wintersday 2017). You can check the comparison here:
2017-12-16 12:52

Was asking about skin texture, thanks =)
2017-12-16 14:34 in reply to RASCALLON

I like the story you added, that gives a nice background to the concept.

About the concept itself, she looks like a badass dark elf! It's a nice job, even when using two Krytan pieces, but you managed to give it a fresh flow with a smart use of the infusion.

Well done.
2017-12-16 14:51

Fashion Collector
Love well thought out concepts like this. I especially like the face + mask. Good job!
2017-12-16 18:08

YES! someone else who likes to dress their characters to truly look "out-of-this-world" and just simply stand out! looks gorgeous :D
2017-12-17 2:52

Fashion Collector
Thanks so much for kind words, guys!
2017-12-17 8:48

Overall a great job, not sure if the holo shoulders fit with the outfit tho... keep it up!
2017-12-17 15:20

Really neat zombie look. Love it. The banner is a bit out of place though. Great job!
2017-12-17 16:34

Fashion Collector
I can see why it might not match with the rest of the armor, the thing is though, this is her "Admiral" armor, she wore it before she died. I'm willing to update the look once more LWS4 chapters come out. :)
2017-12-18 0:16

Fashion Guru
This is one fine ass looking character. Very unique. Loving the icy zombie look, and the purple glow from the trinket just compliments this so well. Rarely see any infusion/aura looks I like, but this one's quite something! Gold!
2017-12-19 15:59

Fashion Guru
The reanimated look is on point. Nice, original, use of the new infusion. Gold for the idea.
2017-12-21 8:48

Nice job mixing the armor pieces, and using the dyes!
You made an almost zombie character look super nice!
I'll follow
2017-12-21 11:38

Fashion Collector
It would be nice if you would like to add more screenshots at the next presentation. But i saw you one time in Wintersday race and in real it's look really cool :). Mix of Sub Zero and something with living dead world :D.
Gold :).
2017-12-31 5:02

Fashion Collector
Thank you for that. :)
I definitely will, 'cause when I first did it, I had no idea it would be so liked, haha. And yeah, that version you saw is a new one with different pieces, I have also a story for her so I'm excited af, for the new LWS4 ep. to see what it brings.
2018-01-01 3:44


Undead would be so cool in the game :p

Anyway cool idea from you and nice choice for this character!
2018-01-04 7:40

Fashion Guru
Chilling. This is a testament to how awesome auras can be without over-doing it. That's just a super cool look all-around!
2018-01-05 2:28