Flames from Within

By Taja on December 17th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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7 6
1 0
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A nameless necromancer from deep within the Desolation, she studied the ways of the scourge and torch for many years. Having mastered her weapon, she is able to pour forth fire from within her very being; lighting the way in darkness for her allies while simultaneously desecrating her foes. Although Joko may have paved the way for the scourge's techniques, she casts off his ideals of power and greed. With the help of her steed, a jackal forged from her most powerful minion and the flames of the desert itself, she fights Joko's corruption in Elona's sulfur-ridden lands.

Notes: Man, scourge animations are hella boring. Sorry for lack of combat scenes. I based this look a lot around Touch of Madness/Koda's Warmth enrichment. ALSO; How does imgur not destroy some people's screens? The quality of mine has dropped immensely due to the double upload.


Lovely! your third screenshot from your gallery is gorgeous. although I gotta say I'm not a personal fan of Shadow Abyss dye, because it kills the armor details. Also, since you are going for a fire-theme, how about mixing up a little bit of red and yellow on top of your orange dyes as your main? It all depends on how the dye channels are set up, however, and I don't play much of female humans to understand them :/

Yeah, Scourge, along with Soulbeast, have animations that are quite boring compared to other newly released elite specs. I'm having so much fun with the newly buffed power reaper, that I've forgotten all about Scourge, though XD

I've never encountered so much problem with imgur, but maybe I just don't pay as much detail :O

2017-12-18 7:13

Good Job!
2017-12-18 9:37

Graceful Lich
I'm loving the style as well as your screenshots! Amazing look
2017-12-18 11:48

Fashion Guru
I actually like the armor combo you achieved here, and it might be the first time i like the Hydra Staff skin in any look. It is super coherent the armor flow and the staff, something about the fluid curved lines. Still I have to agree that the shadow abyss dye kinda kills alot of the detail in your armor and god knows those pieces are brimming with detail... Mb charred dye would be a nice option even to go with the staff colours! :) lastly I would like to see some screenshots closer to the character, just a little play around camera options! :) nevertheless keep em looks coming!
2017-12-19 15:56

loved it :D
2017-12-21 12:44