Pact Fleet Druid

By Taja on July 14th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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1 6
2 0
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I love the pact fleet weapons, so I decided to base an entire look around them. Introducing my namesake toon: A pact druid stationed in Verdant Brink and Dragon Stand. She isn't afraid to fight on the front lines with her longbow, but isn't too proud to use her staff tend to the wounded in the camps either. You can find her selflessly supporting her raiding crew in the Spirit Vale, too.

Most pact members you see in the overworld dress pretty modestly, in mostly browns, grays, and blacks. I wanted her to look a lot like the pact NPCs, but give her a unique personality as well. I stuck to a black theme, but livened it up with some teal to match her weapons. I included a glider pic because it shows off the entire outfit nicely, even though I don't usually equip her wings.

I'm not sure on the hair, and I haven't found a good headpiece that fits her look, so any advice on those two would be great!


Star-Spangled Skies
The color scheme is pretty good overall, but works only in selective lighting (armor and weapon match perfectly in your first screenshot). Per your description, I would probably find something that doesn't obscure the hair, like a circlet or something.
2017-07-14 22:43