Deadly but still Kawaii

By Taja on July 14th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
1 3
3 0
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I wanted to make a necromancer that was true to theme - deadly, fearsome, powerful, dramatic... But I still wanted her to be cute! I went back and forth between making her red/black or green/black for a while, but felt that red gave the look a little more edge. Added cat ears because, why not?

I wish I could take better screenshots, but I suck at the camera and end up having to crop a lot. :/


Star-Spangled Skies
The necromancer's green and red don't go together too well, but other than that and presentation (screenshots), I think she captures your idea pretty well. Gold if you were better at the camera :)
Your 3rd and 5th screens are pretty good though.
2017-07-14 2:16

Fashion Collector
Not bad, very elegant looking human girl. Cat ears are weird to me. Solid silver.

Tip for screenshots: Options>adjust field of view, horizontal view, etc. Then use your mouse to zoom around until you find a good angle. Keep adjusting options and mouse angles till you find the perfect screenshot. Hope that helps =D
2017-07-14 3:01

Elessar Taralom
You put too much effort into the presentation to give this a straight bronze and I do like that you used these legs since they help the look be a little more original
However, the Cat Ears are simply a campy no-go for me
I´d also advise you to be a little more cautious with the dyes; they are very aggressive and look a little cheap; if you´d change the Abyss for a more textured dark colour (like Charred) and the red for something a little darker it could look really interesting
Overall a silver from me
2017-07-14 7:30

Thanks for the awesome camera tips! I incorporated them into the next two toons that I posted and I think it really helped my presentation a lot :) I'll probably change the cat ears eventually... meh. She has a semi-anime theme that I didn't really go into at all.
2017-07-14 18:36 in reply to dellyz