Eighbláth the Frost Flower

By Chorne on September 12th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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Eighbláth enjoyed walking along the trails of the Far Shiverpeaks. The cold did not bother her, but the Svanir did. They were always so very rude, interrupting her scenic strolls through the evergreen forests and snow-peaked mountains to attempt to murder her. She could never understand how some people just had to ruin everyone's enjoyment, like the Nightmare Court when she awakened, and the bandits from Kryta that she ran into, and now these stupid Svanir....
Eighbláth was strong in the field of magic, she'd always had a gift for it, especially water magic. However, she was incredibly naive, a trait not uncommon among newly awakened Sylvari. This caused her to ask uncomfortable questions, for example, the unfortunate comment she made on the one particular Svanir's particularly pungent body odor, and that typically led her into trouble, which, of course, happened directly after the aforementioned Svanir-Body-Odor-Insult-Incident.
"Insolent woman. I'll kill you!"
"I was simply stating facts."
"Pah! Your kind don't know any 'facts'. You're only good for birthing sons."
"Sylvari can't birth anything, silly."
"Rahh! Wench! I'll snap you in half like the twig you are and toss you off this mountain!"
He swung a giant war hammer, but Eighbláth was too fast for him. In the blink of an eye she did a somersault backward and grinned. "I'm not just some sweet little flower, unfortunately for you." With a flick of her hand she condensed the water vapor in the mountain air into a giant ice spike directly above the Svanir's head. By swinging he had made a grave mistake. Unable to stop in time to move out of the way, he simply looked up.
The Svanir's thick skull cracked like an egg, and he fell to the ground with his hammer hitting the stone with an ear piercing *CLANG*.
The Sylvari investigated the body and frowned.
"Huh. I'd thought that would be tougher. His skull seemed like it would be harder than a rock. Oh, well. I suppose I'll keep looking."

So, this is my second little outfit I've ever made for the site. It's a bit monochrome, I need some new nice dyes, but I'm satisfied with it for now. This is my 'Snowy Rose Elementalist' from before, and I decided to actually get creative with her. I tried to make her look a bit deserty, despite the snowy theme of the screenshots and story, (We after all don't have access to the maps with our main characters yet,) and I also tried to make her look very Sylvari-y. Her name is not actually Eighbláth, but rather Rowan Aspen, and she was my first ever GW2 character. I'm too attached to her to change her name. I both had a lot of fun and was filled with fury playing with emotes and trying to catch tiny little frames that would fit my screenshots out of looping emotes.
I love making short stories, so I hope you enjoy the tiny little one I made above. I'm bad at making them actually short though, they usually span to at least four pages, so I hope this one is okay. I simply love writing Sylvari because they're so oblivious and naive, and their origins, history and biology are fun to mess around with.


Fashion Guru
I'm in love with your close-up shots. Your sylvari looks so lively and endearing. They also show off some nice little details on the arms and waist from her profile angle. Monotonous (blue) color lends the character an air of composure and maturity. However it kinda clashes with the exotic vibe of her coordinates and dulls its details. I suppose the two things are separately nice but don't work together. It's a silver from me, yet a very strong silver.
2017-09-18 16:48

Fashion Guru
Your story is such a treat!
2017-09-18 16:50