Elonian Blade

By Kasuralixa on August 12th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Ahai! If you can't tell, I'm EXTREMELY excited for the new expansion!! I've been playing the demo since it dropped, and just exploring the wonderful world. All the little details you can find by climbing, jumping and in the buildings is incredible. This Egypt-ish map is probably my favorite yet!

I played around with a couple demo character designs before settling on this one. It was between an egyptian "goddess" with pitch black skin+gold hair/eyes/clothes etc. or a Gerudo inspired one.. in the end, this one felt more feasible, especially with the limited character design from free character creation. I really, absolutely LOVED the Gerudo in Breath of the Wild, and the Crystal Desert felt so much like Gerudo Town. My character is named "Rija" and has the same red hair, tan skin and green eyes. I tried to stick to the bright, colorful and gold color palettes as well when dying the clothes!

I know all this is going to disappear after the beta ends but I was sitting on 25 transmutation charges from running WvW and decided a great outfit, character design and screenshots was worth it. If you haven't checked out the demo, definitely do so, and don't just speed run the story and quit! Really thoroughly go through the towns, look for new places to jump with your mount.. the city is so alive! I only hope we get some of the amazing clothes I've seen on NPCs.


Nice to see someone also taking advantage of the Demo! I really really like the colors and armor combos, You chose some great places to show them off too!
2017-08-12 15:46

Fashion Guru
Gorgeous: Hope you submit one of your lovely screens for Anet's competition. Gold and you get your charges back anyway so don't worry!
2017-08-13 4:27

Omg, thank you for telling me about the competition!! I had no idea there even was one, looks like I'll be editing screenies tonight!
2017-08-13 7:39 in reply to Mihrean

Fashion Collector
omg its so pretty :o
the colors and the outfit just fit the new map so nicely, you really did catch the elonian feeling :)
2017-08-15 16:28