Tixx's Helper - Happy Holidays!

By Kasuralixa on January 1st, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas in and out of guild wars, and a fun time celebrating the new year! I didn't get to complete either of my christmas goals (making bifrost and winter's presence) but I had a really cute christmas outfit planned still, so here it is! I guess next year I'll definitely have everything for both.

I wanted to make a really cute but unique Christmas outfit for this year, something different than last years/what I see on everyone else. I can't resist the cliche candy-cane colored scarf.. but I tried to comprise the rest of it of relatively unused parts to create an elf-like look! I really wish the santa hat showed your hair, because Amaerie looks a liiiiittle ridiculous bald, haha.

This year, Amaerie is helping Toymaker Tixx distribute toys to all the children and players throughout the land. Dressed in festive christmas colors, she glides and zooms around on her mount Rudolph the Raptor to hastily deliver every gift. With the help of gift skritts, Christmas was a huge success! Now that all the gifts are delivered, she can spend the rest of the holiday season participating in snowball fights, going caroling and celebrating.

Sorry I don't have more pictures or more to say, I was suuper busy this holiday season. I hope everyone enjoys the look regardless, and has a great 2018!



Really like it! =D
Those wings are bit "meh" but everything else fits sooo good.
2018-01-02 16:05

Thank you!! I reaaaally wanted the festive backpack item for this, but I think I missed the sale or it never went on sale because I didnt see it this year :/ So I just chose what I thought would work the best as far as christmas-themed gliding goes (without buying another backpack).
2018-01-03 18:29 in reply to Xiem