Mia Eryl - "Blue Bored Noble"

By Raemyi on April 7th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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1 5
2 0
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A defining trait of this look is that it's designed to work with or without the head/shoulders/hands enabled - providing a more laid-back version of itself for when I'm not killing things. Though this was my first character, these days she's really just a mule to play dress-up with. Of course, being a noble-background human this actually suits her pretty well, giving me a chance to get a little more showy than I usually do with my outfits.


Adopted into nobility at an early age, Mia Eryl always had two real paths of least resistance - hero or politician. After earning no small amount of fame as the former, she decided that glory just didn't suit her, and retired to Divinity's Reach to live out her days on a different kind of battlefield. Oh, sure, she'll still patrol the countryside once in a while, but it just isn't exciting anymore. Then again, neither is much else these days.

City life as a respected warrior has its perks, though! Most days are lazily spent taking a walk or having a talk with the locals, between meetings with the other nobles of course. Still, she can't help but feel like she'd rather be somewhere else. Maybe someday she'll take a trip through the Gate like in the old days. That, or indulge in another nap. She's probably earned a few.


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