Ruaun - "A Humble Mystic Swordsman"

By Raemyi on April 13th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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7 4
3 0
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My first look submitted to this site, though not the first that this character has worn. I'm always looking for feedback, as one's own eyes can only see so much!

Ruaun is a sylvari who awoke with a talent for mesmeric magic, but never really appreciated the idea and instead chose to specialize in swords. Why swords? "Because they look nice", was his answer.

To this end, he wears a sparse yet effective amount of metallic armor, though this does nothing to improve his defenses. Rather, he just figured it was the appropriate thing for a swordsman to wear. This is also the reason for his mini-cape. None can say where in the Dream a sylvari gets their ideas from. That said, if just by sheer serendipity, the form-fitting ensemble does make it easy to swing any number of blades.

A noble soul, albeit naive. When not roaming the world being heroic for reasons, he spends his time admiring scenery, dining on fishes, dancing like a fool, and hanging out with cool people, like Kahedins! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this wandering whimsical warrior has beheld plenty. Does that make him beautiful? He certainly hopes so.


This made me giggle. Very unique character! I'd love to see more pics of this guy, perhaps with slightly plantier swords and/or sparring with someone else.
2016-04-13 15:09

Elessar Taralom
What a great first upload! He really looks like such a character with this rarely seen face and hair
And the armour looks great with the little cape and metal elements ^^
He really looks like a lightweight duelist of some sort and I love that you put so much effort into his story and screens! I´d even love some more ^^
The only tiny detail I´d change is the blue shade on the legs and boots; on the top the Sapphire looks a bit more worn off and muted and I like it better than the very bright colour on his bottom half
Still, it´s a really great first upload and I am looking forward to more from you!
2016-04-13 15:47

Fashion Guru
great first upload and really cute character!
2016-04-14 4:15

He is so cute :)
I think, I've never seen a sylvari like him before.
The chest piece is a great choice for him, since it makes him look very skinny. It just doesn't work with the leggins for me, but maybe some work on the dyes could fix that. I'm not a friend of the dyes in general, but this might be my personal taste.
So, I'm really a fan of your character, but not entirely of the look.
It's silver from me, but I'd love to see more of you and your cute sylvari :)
2016-04-14 7:58

oh my gawd, i've never seen such a cute sylvari before! i LOVE him! *-*
2016-04-14 10:51

Thanks for the support, I was definitely hoping the cuteness would be noticed. XD
It sounds like a lot of people are bringing up the dye mismatch between the legs and chestpiece. Honestly, I didn't even notice in most lighting, but I can totally see it now. I'll see what I can do about it, though there are very few legs that work with this kind of look. I might just need to find a darker blue to bring the lower pieces in line, or experiment with how different hues play on the materials. :3
2016-04-14 12:21

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
It's a fun story to see him chase his own dreams haha. it's a decent first upload u can show a few more screenshots maybe and you are telling us about your mini cape but we are not able to see it :D would be a nice small touch to show us. still nice!
2016-04-15 9:43

By apparently popular demand: More screenshots! Double the screenshots. Made sure to include back shots this time.

Photos of Ruaun's trip to Lion's Arch. Activities included petting wild animals, playing with his reflection in an asura portal, failing to be suave at a local shady bar, training under waterfalls, and generally looking fabulous.
2016-04-15 20:22